Dispensers, of metal; towel dispensers of metal; dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; packaging, wrapping and bundling articles, of metal; iron bands (stretchers for -) [tension links]; hoisting slings of metal for handling loads; metal strapping; cargo slings of metal; webbing straps (metallic -) for handling loads; storage pallets of metal; barrel hoops of metal; metal ties; stretchers for metal bands [tension links]; tie wire of metal for binding; foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; straps of metal; cable straps of metal; braces of metal for load handling; belts of metal for handling loads; load lifting straps of metal; slings of metal for handling loads; thread of metal for tying-up purposes; metal binding strips used on packaging; sheaf binders of metal; apex ties of metal; bands of metal for tying-up purposes; ties of metal for binding; binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes; wire fences; aluminium foil containers; tinplate packings; containers of metal for chemicals, compressed gases and liquids; metal decorative boxes; high pressure metal cylinders [containers]; gas storage tanks of metal; chests of metal for food; boxes (packaging -) in made-up form [metal]; metallic capsules [containers]; mobile pallets made of metal; fittings of metal for coffins; containers of metal for stock feed; containers of metal for liquid gas; containers of metal for liquid fertilizers; metal aerosol containers [empty]; metal oil cans [empty]; cans of metal for alcoholic beverages; metal time capsules; collecting tins (metal -); bottle crates of metal; metal bins; boxes for storage purposes [metal]; boxes of metal for horticultural purposes; containers made of metal for use in the storage of gases; collecting boxes (metal -); boxes for stacking purposes [metal]; beverage cans of metal; enclosures of metal for tombs; composting receptacles of metal; tin cans; bag hangers of metal; metal storage drums; letter boxes of m; etal; rain barrels of metal; fireproof cabinets of metal [other than furniture]; waste paper bins of metal for industrial use; storage containers of metal; security containers of metal; tins of metal; metal cans, sold empty; troughs of metal for mixing mortar; metal casks; metal tool boxes; tool boxes of metal, empty; tool storage containers of metal [empty]; tool chests of metal, empty; ammunition boxes of metal; letter-box flaps of metal; metal aerosol containers sold empty; refuse skips of metal; waste bins [skips] of metal for industrial use; vats of metal; petrol cans of metal; bottle closures of metal; metal bottle caps; closures of metal; fuel cans of metal; bottles of metal for the storage of fuel; cylinders of metal for gas; box frames of metal; gabions (metal -); plugs [stoppers] of metal; plugs of metal; metal kegs; boxes (packaging -) in collapsible form [metal]; drums [containers] of metal other than household containers; tanks of metal for the transportation of liquefied gases; tanks of metal for the transportation of compressed gases; tanks of metal for the storage of compressed gases; tanks of metal; oil drainage containers of metal; wine casks of metal; plugs [dowels] of metal; jerrycans of metal; potable water reservoirs of metal; metallic containers; closures of metal for containers; baskets of metal; bag closures of metal; cylinders of metal for cryogenic liquid; charging troughs of metal; loading pallets of metal; handling pallets of metal; letter-box covers of metal; rainwater hoppers of metal; rainwater reservoirs of metal; rain traps of metal; metal troughs; cages of metal; metal crates for animal transportation; animals (metal cages for wild -); settlement tanks of metal; metal pallets; packaging containers of metal; loading and unloading pallets of metal; sow farrowing crates of metal; hoppers of metal, non-mechanical; floating containers of metal; metal stoppers for industrial packaging containers; metal containers for the storage and tran; sportation of goods; locking oil tank caps of metal; sealing caps of metal; separation tanks of metal; silos of metal; metal lids for cans; containers of metal for liquid fuel; metal fluid storage tanks; liquid storage tanks [containers] made of metal; metal cabinet door catches; taps of metal for casks; pallet racks of metal; cylinders of metal for use with compressed gas; metal cylinders for compressed gas or liquids, sold empty; pressure gas cylinders made of metal; tubbing of metal; containers of metal for transport; metal fire resistant safes; cap closures of metal; screw caps of metal; hooklift containers of metal; water tanks of metal for household purposes; rubbish containers [bins] of metal; water tanks of metal; transport pallets of metal; fitted liners for metal baskets; sewers of metal; cable boxes of metal (non-electric -); baskets of common metals; baskets of common metal for industrial use; cabinet fittings of common metal; boxes of common metal; steel cylinders for liquid air; steel storage silos; steel drums [sold empty]; boxes (packaging -) in flat form [metal]; floating metal fish farm cages; industrial packaging containers of metal; industrial water tanks of metal; containers of metal for storing acids; steel for tins; tinfoil; tanks of metal for the storage of liquefied gases; bottles [metal containers] for compressed gas or liquid air; containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; metal cylinders for compressed gas or liquids [empty]; metal bottles for compressed gas; steel cylinders for compressed gas; reservoirs (metal -) [structures]; tin cans [empty]; fire safe cabinets [safes] of metal; internal floating lids of aluminium for use with gas or liquefied gas storage tanks; doors, gates, windows and window coverings of metal; aluminium doors; aluminium residential doors; aluminium patio doors; aluminium windows; security shutters of metal; ironwork for doors; espagnolette mechanisms of metal; iron gates; cremone bolts of metal for wind; ows; dome shaped skylight windows (metal -); ironwork for windows; window casement bolts; window closers, non-electric; self-adhesive lead strips for making a pattern on windows; safety fittings of metal for doors; window furniture of metal; blackout blinds [outdoor] of metal; safety doors of metal; architectural louvres of metal; doors of metal for providing access to buildings by pets; metal door viewers [non-magnified]; metal door trim; metal door kick plates; door sections of metal; door flaps of metal; metal doors; doors and windows of metal; insulating doors of metal; screen doors of metal; door chains of metal; door handles of metal; door friction stays of metal; metal door frames; ventilation grilles of metal for fitting in doors; double glazing panels (metal -); double glazing panels (metal -) incorporating insulating glass; swing doors of metal; louvres made of metal; venetian blinds [outdoor] made of metal; horizontal slatted blinds [outdoor], of metal; horizontal venetian blinds [outdoor], of metal; window blinds [outdoor] of metal; metal exterior roller blinds for guiding light; cat/dog flaps of metal; shutters of metal; metal window trim; handles of metal for windows; metal locks for windows; glazed doors of metal; metal window jambs; window glazing fixtures made of metal; ventilation grilles of metal for fitting in windows; outer doors of metal; outdoor blinds of metal; blinds of metal for external use; trap doors of metal; shutter grilles of metal; roller shades [outdoor] of metal; roller doors (metal -) having insulating properties; metal roller shutter doors for security purposes; metal sash lifts; metal sash locks; sash window pulls of metal; window sills of metal; sun louvres of metal for buildings; metal screens [other than furniture]; metallic slatted shutters; door panels of metal; locking gate hasps of metal; knobs of metal; metal rolling window shutters; roller doors of metal; armored doors of metal; security closures of metal; protective sc; reens of metal; window protection devices of metal; door guards of metal; door openers of metal, non-electric; door buffers of metal; metallic doors for strongboxes; sliding doors of metal for buildings; doors of metal for buildings; mountings of metal for glass; awnings of metal; revolving doors of metal; metal folding doors; metal window cranks; fire resistant doors of metal; awnings of metal [building materials]; sun screens [outdoor], of metal; hasps of metal; vertical blinds [outdoor] of metal; metal vertical blinds [external]; doors of metal for indoor use; patio doors of metal; shutter doors of metal; jalousies of metal; metal venetian blinds [external]; metal knockers; metal components for doors; metal bolts for locking doors; hinges for doors and windows (metal -); door holders of metal; door holding devices of metal; door knockers of metal; catches (door -) of metal; door fittings, of metal; gate stops of metal; metal door frames; non-electric metal door bells; latches (metal -) being fittings for doors; door pushes of metal; finger plates of metal; metallic insect screens for doors; door hinges of metal; double glazing units (metal -); metal garage door rollers; garage doors of metal; windows of metal; window guards of metal; window surrounds of metal; entrances of metal; window openers of metal, non-electric; window facades of metal; catches (window -) of metal; window stops of metal; metal window frames; sash fasteners of metal for windows; fasteners of metal for casement windows; latches (metal -) being fittings for windows; window pulleys of metal; window casing bolts of metal; metallic insect screens for windows; window hinges of metal; window sashes of metal; sash balances of metal for windows; window pulleys of metal; skylight frames (metal -) for use in buildings; wall windows of metal; latches (metal -) being fittings for doors; runners of metal for sliding doors; metallic frames for sliding doors; sills of metal; metal door frames for refrigerat; ing rooms; armour door sheetings of metal; metal dead bolts; glazing beads of metal; roof windows of metal; rollers (metal -) for sliding windows; turnstiles; casements of metal; patio doors (metal framed -); escutcheons of metal; gates of metal; gate hooks of metal; metal gate latches; latch bars of metal; mullions of metal; louvre window assemblies (metal -); blind pulls of metal; metal door units; blinds of metal; non-electric door chimes; door closers of metal, non-electric; window sashes of aluminium; window pulleys; tilting metal doors; door knobs of common metal; skylights [windows] of metal for use in buildings; roller blinds of steel; door scrapers; accordion doors of metal; insect screens of metal; metal gate hooks and eyes; interior metal shutters; overhead suspension tracks of metal for use with doors; metal roll shutters; armoured windows having metal frames; structures and transportable buildings of metal; ladders and scaffolding, of metal; aluminium ladder rungs; safety scaffolding of metal; scaffolding towers of metal; metal scaffolding for facades; mobile steps [ladders] of metal; step stools of metal; ladder hooks of metal; metal stepladders; framework scaffolding of metal; metal staircases for use with scaffolding; metal scaffolding boards; metal ladders for libraries; prefabricated scaffolds of metal; beams of common metal for scaffolding; kick steps of metal; platform steps of metal for use with scaffolding; prefabricated aluminium scaffolding frames; work platforms [scaffold towers] of metal; work platforms [scaffolding] of metal; mobile aerial work platforms [scaffolding] of metal; metal stepladders and ladders; mobile platforms [scaffolding] of metal; ladders made wholly of metal; ladder supports of metal; scaffolding apparatus (metal -); metal tree steps; metal ramps for use with scaffolding; platform staging of metal for use with scaffolding; access platforms [scaffolding] of metal; materials of metal for scaffolds; custom plates of metal f; or vehicles; metal ear tags for livestock; address holders (metal -) for animals; display signs of metal [non-luminous, non-mechanical] for roads; poster advertising pillars [structures] of metal; banner support structures of metal; doorplates of metal; engravers plates made from metal; identification tags of metal for animals; identification bracelets of metal; signboards of metal; ceiling suspension (metal -) for sign displays; metal identification bands for blood collection systems; bicycle racing number plates made of metal; advertising signs of metal [non-mechanical, not luminous]; nameplates of metal; metal mail plates; metal panels; numberplates of metal; placards of metal; advertising boards [metal hoardings]; letter plates of metal; metal name plates; metal nameplates and door nameplates; metal holders for signboards; signposts made of metal; mobile display units [structures] of metal; beacons of metal, non-luminous; house numbers of metal, non-luminous; directional signage of metal for roads [non-luminous, non-mechanical]; fascias of metal for advertising; advertising hoardings [structures] of metal; advertisement columns of metal; posts of metal for use as bus-stops; signs plates of metal; metal signposts; nameplates of common metal; barrels (common metal -) for the identification of pet animals; signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; non-luminous metal signs; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal, for roads; common metal bands for the identification of pet animals; letters and numerals of common metal, except type; badges of metal for vehicles; vaults and safes, of metal; safe deposit boxes; electronic safes; gun safes; metal safes; metal bank vaults; metal lock boxes; strongrooms [safes] of metal; fire safe boxes; cashboxes [metal or non-metal]; safety cashboxes; safes [metal or non-metal]; bronzes for tombstones; bastion defence walls of metal materials; towers [metal s; tructures]; working platforms [structures]; bins [metal structures]; vendor booths made primarily of metal; portable mobile metal office buildings; transportable houses of metal; transportable buildings of metal; mobile [portable] buildings of metal containing sanitary installations; buildings (portable -) of metal for housing toilets; transportable greenhouses of metal for household use; portable stands of metal for use by spectators; portable cabins of metal; portable metal risers for public performances; portable shelters of metal; mobile partitions [structures] made of metal; portable metal levees; housing units of metal; crash barriers of metal; intruder barriers of metal; viewing platforms of metal; stables of metal; stables [structures] of metal; arches of metal; arches of metallic materials for supporting plants; archways made from metallic materials; props of metal; shelters (metal -) for use at bus stops; metal bus shelters; metal bus stops; balustrading of metal; dock ramps of metal; shelters (cycle -), of metal; bicycle sheds [structures] of metal; traffic control ramps (metal -); soundproof cabins [structures] made of metal; metal railings; metal suspended ceiling systems comprising panels; offshore drilling platforms [metal]; racking [structures] of metal for supporting cables; cabins made of metal; booths (metal -) for use in the curing of metal surfaces; skating rinks [structures of metal]; room divider panels of metal [other than furniture]; crash barriers of metal for roads; pigsties of metal; mobile accommodation [metal]; portable gazebos primarily of metal; portable stables of metal for horses; soundproof booths of metal, transportable; metal portable pier; kiosks [structures] of metal; structures of metal; metal loading ramps [structures]; metal hoarding; stair treads [steps] of metal; shelf dividers of metal [other than parts of furniture]; marquisolette constructions of metal; booths of metal for use in the treatment of metal surfaces; modular; portable building structures [metal]; modular shelters of metal; staging of metal; conservatories [structures] of metal; podiums [structures] of metal; cabanas of metal; exhibition booths [stands] of metal; shelters of metal; rain shelters of metal; trestle columns of metal; bird baths [structures of metal]; metal gazebos; arbours [structures of metal]; pergolas of metal; changing rooms [structures] of metal; dividing wall panels of metal; space dividers [structures], of metal; metallic divisions [partitions]; platforms of metal; platforms, prefabricated, of metal; gantries [structures] of metal; canopies [structures] of metal; underground tornado shelters made of metal; canopies of metal incorporating fixed or movable slats; paint spray booths of metal; spray cabinets (metal -) incorporating extracting installations; rocket launching platforms of metal; ramps being structures of metal; trestles of metal, other than furniture; airlock chambers of metal; metal storage shelters; walls of metal; wall partitions (metal -), other than furniture; stringers [parts of staircases] of metal; moveable walls made of metal; metal storm shelters; sand boxes of metal; conservatories of metal being fixed building structures; pillars of metal for buildings; framework of metal for building; structural platforms [structures] of metal; sheds [buildings] of metal; shelters [building structures] of metal; prefabricated strongrooms [structures] of metal; prefabricated wall structures of metal incorporating mineral wool insulation; telephone booths of metal; vehicle ramps of metal; bridges [structures] of metal; metal railings for fences; ponds [metal structures]; fencing materials of metal; metal fencing panels; fences of metal; metal barriers for pedestrian traffic control; curtain walling installations of metal; curtain walling of metal; racking [structures] of metal for supporting tubes; tombs of metal; tombs (monuments of metal for -); channel covers of metal; palings of metal; arch; frames (metal -) for use in construction; stalls [structures] of metal for horses; centre poles of metal for staircases; posts of metal; trellis (metal -) for supporting plants; barricades for highways (metal -); huts made of metal; metal rails; artificial fish reefs of metal; metal shower grab bars; metal bicycle storage racks; support stands [structures] of metal for bicycles; cold frame boxes of metal; chimneys of metal; chimney shafts of metal; posts of metal for electric lines; porches of metal [building]; metal wire fencing; metal wire cloches for protecting plants; chicken-houses of metal; space frames of metal; gravity conveyors [chutes] of metal; stalls [structures] of metal for animals; overhead suspension tracks of metal; frameworks of metal for rooms; frameworks of metal; cattle chutes of metal; bollards (metal, non-luminous and non-mechanical -), for roads; mobile homes [portable buildings] of metal; mobile boarding stairs (metal -) for passengers; greenhouses of metal, transportable; portable buildings made principally of metal; lighting domes [structures] of metal for buildings; burial vaults of metal; temporary bridges of metal; staircases of metal; stringers [parts of staircases] of metal; channel buoys [mooring] of metal; mooring bollards of metal; window rails of metal; chutes of metal [other than parts of machines]; consignment shelving [structures] of metal; manholes of metal; manhole covers of metal; frameworks of metal for ceilings; modular portable buildings of metal; fair huts of metal; poultry cages of metal; paddling pools [structure] of metal; metal framed suspended ceilings; tent poles of metal; monuments of metal; metal framed buildings; stairways of metal for use in buildings; handrails of metal for use in buildings; overflow channels of metal; swimming pools [metal structures]; floating metal docks; floating docks of metal, for mooring boats; floating docks of metal for marinas; porticos of metal; access chamber covers (metallic -); w; alkways of metal; boundary rails of metal; boundary posts of metal; warehouses of metal; stores [strong rooms] of metal; armoured banking installations of metal; metal greenhouses; liquid storage tanks [structures] made of metal; horticultural frames [structures] of metal; buildings of metal; livestock buildings (metal -); frames of metal for building; buildings being fixed structures of metal; structural frames of metal for building; racks [structures] of metal; masts of metal; metal masts [other than aerials or for watercraft]; metal bollards; pre-fabricated houses of metal; prefabricated houses [kits] of metal; handrails of metal for walkways; telegraph posts of metal; bridge units of metal; tunnels of metal; metal fence stays; fence links of metal; metal fence posts; gulleys of metal; greenhouse frames of metal; sluices [channels] of metal; sluice gates made of metal; diving boards of metal; sluices [drains] of metal; shaft covers of metal; aviaries of metal [structures]; weather vanes of metal; metal bleachers; modular prefabricated steel framing; modular metallic structures; modular metal stables; aluminium framed modular platforms for use in theatres; modular steel chimney systems; stages for musical performances composed of primarily metal materials; monuments of non-precious metal; fencing made of common metal; shelters made of prefabricated metal insulated materials; shelters made principally of metallic materials; gazebos primarily of metal; metal chainlink fencing; steel rails; steel chimneys; steel buildings; steel frames for building; steel masts; metal utility poles; vaults and safes; baffle walls (metallic -) for gymnasiums; building components of metal for the construction of arches; modular building units (metal -); prefabricated balconies [metal]; prefabricated garages of metal; prefabricated metal buildings; prefabricated metal bridges; conservatories of metal in prefabricated form; pre-fabricated metal building assembly kits; prefabricated build; ings made substantially of metal; pre-fabricated or modular metal stables; pre-fabricated metal stables; pre-fabricated metal architectural columns; greenhouses being fixed metal structures; building and construction materials and elements of metal; pipes, tubes and hoses, and fittings therefor, including valves, of metal; aluminum composite tubing for use in the manufacture of bicycle frames; fittings of metal for compressed air ducts; pipes of metal, for central heating installations; cast iron pipes; flexible tubes of metal; pipe fittings [junctions] of metal; metal hose fittings; pipe support sleeves of metal; metal gas pipe parts; metal valves for controlling the flow of gases in pipelines; metal couplings for fire hoses; floor drains of metal; anchor socket tube sections of metal; elbow outlets of metal; elbows of metal for connecting gas piping to gas appliances; cable junction sleeves of metal, non-electric; reels of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; winding spools of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; metal fuel oil hoses; air hose reels of metal [non-mechanical]; metal hoses for swimming pools; radiator valves of metal [other than thermostatic]; metal valves for controlling the flow of fluids in pipelines; structural joint connectors of metal; couplings of metal for tubing; check valves of metal [other than parts of machines]; drainage pipes of metal; drain traps [valves] of metal; metal drains for use in construction of basement waterproofing systems; ducts made of metal for trunking conduits for gases; trunking [channels] of metal for electric cables; metal tubes for gas; flanged pipes of metal; drill pipes of metal; discharge pipes (metal -) for building installations; elbows of metal for pipes; bends (pipe -) of metal [other than parts of machines]; elbows of metal for pipes including those from alloy steel and titanium; collars of metal for fastening pipes; joint connectors (metal -) for pipes; fittings of metal for pipes; pipe jacket; s of metal; adaptors for pipes [metal]; clips of metal for tubes; pipe nuts of metal; metal hoses for plumbing use; metal hoses for agricultural use; hose hangers of metal; soil vents (metal -); clips of metal for cables and pipes; cable ducts made of metal [other than electricity]; sewer pipes of metal; drain plugs of metal; sprinkling pipes of metal; ducts made of metal for trunking pipes for gases; casings of metal for oilwells; metal house numbers; gutter pipes of metal; air pipes of metal for buildings; underdrainage pipes of metal; regulators [valves] of metal other than parts of machines; metal pipes for liquid and gas transfer; ducts made of metal for trunking conduits for liquids; ducts made of metal for trunking pipes for liquids; penstock pipes of metal; metal conduit; branching tubes of metal for pipelines; manifolds of metal for pipelines; pipes and tubes of metal; metal tubes for industrial use; pipes of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; pipe unions of metal; pipe extensions of metal; junctions of metal for pipes; junctions of metal for pipes including those from alloy steel and titanium; hinges of metal for the fixing of pipes; pipe spacers of metal; ducts of metal for concealing water pipes; water-pipes of metal; ducts of metal for ventilating and air-conditioning installations; water-pipe valves of metal; valves of metal, other than parts of machines; valves of metal other than parts of machines including those from alloy steel and titanium; valve assemblies of metal [other than parts of machines]; ducts of metal for housing ventilation pipes; metal hose clamps; metal tubing; ducting conduit installations (non-electric -) of metal; non-electric ducting conduits of metal; tubes of stainless steel; tubes of nickel alloys; steel pipes; manually operated metal valves; hand operated metal garden hose reels; branching pipes of metal; rotating junctions of metal for pipes; fittings of metal for compressed air lines; collapsible tubes of; metal; reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; copper tubes [other than parts of machines]; tubes of copper alloys; branching pipes of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; bright steel tubes; railway materials; fish plates [rails]; cast iron material for railroad tracks; railway switches; materials of metal for railway construction; materials of metal for funicular railway permanent ways; guard rails of metal; railway sleepers of metal; metal tracks for rail vehicles; fish plates of metal; loading gauge rods, of metal, for railway waggons; tracks [rails] of metal; monorail tracks of metal; rail fastenings of metal; metal railway crossovers; monorail structures of metal; turntables [railways]; roof flashings of aluminium; guttering of aluminium; cladding of aluminum for facades; aluminium supports for panels; aluminum siding; extruded aluminium sections; aluminium profiles for use with information or display apparatus; tie plates; architectural metalwork for use in building; architectural hardware made of common metals and alloys thereof; metal railings for balconies; reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete; fired refractory materials of metal [building materials]; double skinned (metal -) heat insulated facade constructions; extrusions of metal; friezes [metal building elements]; ready made building components [metal]; joists of iron or steel; flashing of metal for building; anchors; suspended ceilings of metal; ductile iron piles; pillars of metal; temporary floors of metal; sheeting lines of metal; castings of lead or its alloys; facade facings of metal; fittings of metal for building; wall linings of metal [building]; roofing of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells; metal roof flashing; acoustic panels of metal for ceilings; acoustic panels of metal; edging strips of metal; acoustic panels of metal for walls; cladding panels of metal; cladding panels of metal for roofing; crash rails of metal; weatherboards of metal; reinforcing materia; ls of metal; reinforcing bars of metal for use in brickwork; dado rails of metal; metal casting forms for concrete; metal moulds for forming cement products; furrings (metal -); metal cladding; drainage plates of metal; drainage courses of metal; drains made of metal; faceplates of metal; shaped metal portions; metal brackets; paving materials (metal -); paving slabs of metal; paving blocks of metal; skirting boards of metal; metal floors; metal flooring; floor boards of metal; metal floor panels; tile floorings of metal; floor tiles of metal; grids of metal; anchor flanges of metal; anchor bushings of metal; insulated metal cladding panels for walls; gutter connection pieces of metal; ties of metal for use in building; cabin walls of metal; chimney linings of metal; road coverings of metal; grilles of metal for roads; road construction materials of metal; ceiling coffers of metal; corbels of metal; metal materials for construction; building materials (metal -) in the form of sheets; gutter supports of metal; pantiles of metal; ceilings of metal; coving of metal; ceiling supports of metal; ceiling installations (metal -); ceiling boards (metal -); sheet piles of metal; metal ceiling panels; metal mouldings; gratings of metal for false ceilings; parapet supports of metal; promenade tiles of metal; linings of metal for building; building beams (metal -); spandrel panels of metal; metal beams; cover plates of metal; panels of metal for sidewalls; building components (metal -) in the form of slabs; roofing tiles of metal; tiles of metal for building; brickwork supports of metal; anchorage plates of metal; roses [ceiling decorations] of metal; glazing panels [metallic framed] for use in construction; lintels of metal; grilles of metal for pavements; armoured materials of metal; cladding panels of metal for wall construction; cladding of metal for walls; wall covering tiles of metal; wall coverings made of metal for constructing walls; wainscoting of metal; wall tiles of; metal for building; soffit boards (metal -); reinforcement materials (metal -) for construction; surfacings for building [metal]; building boards (metal -) having insulating properties; floor tiles of metal for building; metal building materials; soffits [metal building materials]; metal partitions for building; slabs of metal for building; building bricks (metal -); eaves of metal; roof coverings of metal; flanges of metal [collars]; armoured metal walls; metal blind flanges; copings of metal; architraves of metal; reinforcing bars of metal for use in concrete; reinforcement rods of metal; balcony enclosures (metallic -); roofs of metal for structures; roofing plate of metal; roofing membranes of metal; metal roof trusses; metal roof vents; roofing panels of metal; roofing materials of metal; stanchion stays of metal; bridge bearings [construction materials] of metal; anchor lugs of metal; bracings of metal; metal roofing hips; air grilles of metal; barge boards (metallic -); drainage profiles of metal; flues of metal for use in building; downpoles of metal for the accessing of cables; facades of metal; cladding of metal for facades; facade elements of metal; facade construction components of metal; shaped metal sections; metal goods for use in construction; street gutters of metal; drywall corner bead of metal [building materials]; pavements made of metal; blocks (metal -) for use in flooring construction; floor sections made of metal; latticework of metal; anchors of metal; anchor channels of metal; cleader rails of metal; downpoles of metal for the distribution of cables; chimney blocks (metal -); chimney terminals of metal; anchoring devices of metal; gussets made of metal; drain covers of metal; capitals (metal -) being parts of columns; capitals (metal -) being parts of pillars; cornices of metal; roadways of metal; decking of metal; metal connectors for decking and decking joists; shuttering of metal for concrete; metal brackets for use in the construction a; nd assembly of decking; guide rails of metal; downpoles of metal for the ducting of wires; stair rails of metal; cladding of metal for windows; mouldings of metal for cornices; guttering of metal for the dispersal of rain-water; guttering of metal for the collection of rain-water; linings (metal -) for ceilings; ceiling units of metal; modular wall panelling of metal; masonry anchors of metal; guttering of metal for the dispersal of wastewater; metallic gutters; ducts of metal for air-conditioning installations; air ducts of metal for buildings; parapets of metal; stud rails of metal for flats; metal profiles with thermic isolation; wall facades of metal; spars of metal for use in building; sliding rails of metal; soffits (metal -); panels of metal for cladding on buildings; uprights of metal; linings (metal -) for use in construction; blocks (metal -) for construction; metallic building facade elements; metal goods for use in building; building castings of metal; mouldings of metal for use in building; wall claddings of metal [building]; building panels of metal; brackets of metal for building; roof angle irons; roof components of metal; cornices of metal; roof ridges of metal; metal down spouts; path edgings made of metal materials; plastering beads of metal; tunnel lining segments made of metal; bars for metal railings; metal stanchions; gulley linings of metal; metal vent covers; gulley shafts of metal; internal wall cladding of metal; metal ventilation channels; ducts of metal for ventilating installations; manhole frames of metal; bathtub grab bars of metal; handrails of metal for baths and showers; modular portable building units of metal; roofing sheets of metal; floors made of metal alloys; building castings of metal alloys; profiled metal sections [semi-finished]; plating metals; meshes of common metal; beams of common metal for formwork systems; beams of common metal for building; armour made of common metals; metal air conditioning ducts; steel reinforce; ment for use in the construction of concrete floors; steel beams; structural steels; steel building materials; steel sheet for use in building; tiles of metal; profiled slabs (metal -); ironmongery of metal for building; reinforcing materials of metal for building; metal trim for buildings; fabricated metal components for building foundations; prefabricated metal walls; spacers being building elements made of metal; metal railings for bridges; refractory furnace linings of metal; refractory construction materials of metal; refractory castable mixes of metal; refractory blocks of metal; all-weather sports surfacing materials for (metal -) outdoor use; metal heating ducts; all-weather sports surfacing materials (metal -) for indoor use; metal vent covers for hvac ducts; roof flashings of lead; lead strips for use on windows; metal hardware; cables, wires and chains, of metal; aluminium wire; wire for aerials [other than electric]; securing wire for plants; razor wire; flux coated wires; cattle chains; chains (metal -) for animals; iron wire; alloyed steel wire [non-electric]; wire rope slings; wire for ropes; metal clothesline wire; razor wire (metal -); metal wire [common metal]; metal wires for binding objects; couplings of metal for chains; chains of metal; chains (metal -) for use as animal tethers; anchor chains of metal; cable junction sleeves of metal; tension links of metal; tension levers of metal; hinges of metal for the fastening of electrical cables; claw-chain stoppers of metal; quick release chain stoppers [metal]; cable trays of metal [other than electric]; cable clamps of metal; cable supports made of metal; elevator cables (metal -); metal cable clips; non-electric wires of common metal; stays of metal; trapeze lines of metal; metal cables for guying purposes; metal cable wire; towing cables of metal; mooring cables of metal; bindings of metal; safety chains of metal; metal rigging chain; ropes of metal; ties of metal for tying; non-electric multi-str; and wire; non-electric iron wires; non-electric iron cables; non-electric cables of metal; cable joints of metal, non-electric; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; uninsulated, non-electric wire; copper wire, not insulated; baling wire; wire of common metal alloys, except fuse wire; wire; wire rope; steel wire; steel chains; gabions of steel wire; barbed wire; telpher cables; titanium wires; cable stretchers; wire ropes for use with cranes; wire lashings; wire rod; wire gauze; wire strands; wire stretchers [tension links]; non-electric single strand wire; wire for strands; brass wires; molds of metal; casings of metal; aluminium moulds; metal casters; molds of metal for casting ceramic materials; ice moulds of metal; ingot moulds of metal for castings; foundry molds [moulds] of metal; artistic castings of common metal; steel castings [semi-finished]; locks and keys, of metal; bolts (lock -); metal security lock cylinders; locking pins of metal; metal door bolts; metal locking mechanisms; keys of metal; key blanks of metal; metal ball lock pins; snowboard locks of metal; striking plates of metal for locks; locks of metal for vehicles; metal locks for doors; bicycle locks of metal; lock nuts of metal; metal padlocks; padlocks, other than electronic, of metal; locks of metal for bags; locks of metal; non-electric locks of metal; lock parts of metal; spring locks of metal; lock barrels of metal; lock casings of metal; metal keys for locks; lockbolt stumps of metal; metal bump keys for locksmithing; key hole plates of common metal; metal locksets; split rings of common metal for keys; spring locks; flat bolts; nuts, bolts and fasteners, of metal; cut nails; wall ties of metal; metal upholstery tacks; clevises of metal; screw cups of metal; anchor sockets for posts (metal -); rivets of metal; metal studs [other than for football boots, clothing or vehicle tyres]; metal expanding sleeves for affixing screws; machine belt fasteners of metal; masonry nails of meta; l; metal fastening anchors [for securing pictures to walls]; ties of metal for use in brickwork; washers of metal; joist clamps of metal; tacks of metal; wing nuts of metal; clip clamps of metal; lock washers of metal; screw rivets of metal; eye bolts; architectural fasteners of metal; pivots of metal; brackets of metal for furniture; box fasteners of metal; metal expansion joints for floors and walls; dowel rods of metal; pitons of metal [mountaineering equipment]; metal brads; cotters, made of metal; clevis pins of metal; bolt snaps of metal; anchor bolts of metal for bridge connection; screw threaded fasteners of metal; metal turnbuckles; fixing plates of metal; fixing nails of metal; screw nuts of metal; screw-in insert nuts of metal; nails of metal; metal karabiners; u-bolts of metal; expansion bolts of metal; metal pickets; metal window fasteners; clips of metal for sealing bags; wood screws made of metal; metallic numberplate fasteners; metal shackles; metal fasteners for scaffolds; expansion plugs of metal; thumbscrews [fasteners] of metal; wall plugs of metal; metal clips; screws of metal; screw bolts of metal; set screws of metal; retaining [fixing] devices of metal; fixing bolts of metal; fixing devices of metal; snap rings [fasteners] of metal; bolts of metal; metal bolts [fasteners]; metal hexagon head bolts; screw rings of metal; screw covers of metal; cotter pins of metal; blind bolt fasteners of metal; nets of metal; fasteners of common metal; horseshoe nails; panel pins; self-tapping metal plugs; self-tapping metal screws; self-tapping metal bolts; pins [hardware]; picture hook pins; threaded nuts of metal; staples for construction use; metal clamps; nuts [metal hardware]; nails; brads; veneer pins; welding and soldering materials; gold solder; lead-free solders for the electronics industry; spelter for welding; spelter for soldering; flux coated rods for welding; brazing alloys; metals for welding cast iron; brazing rods; soldering preparations com; prising solder metal and flux; soldering wire with built-in flux; solder; solder pastes; solder (metal -) for stainless steel; rods of metal for brazing and welding including those from alloy steel and titanium; metal brazing rods; metal rods for brazing and welding; rods of metal for welding; rods of metal for welding; metal plates for welding; soft solder; solder (metal -) for common metals; silver solder; spelter for brazing; welding wire; welding steel; welding rods; metal taps for beer kegs; semi-finished articles of tin or its alloys; semi-finished articles of aluminium or its alloys; aluminium foil paper laminates; thimbles [metal hardware]; handcuffs; cloches (metal framed -) for horticultural use; cloches (metal framed -) for agricultural use; non-return flaps of metal [other than parts of machines]; adhesive wall decorations of bronze; foils of metal for covering; swage blocks; anvils; bells for animals; expandable metal grids; ice nails [climbing irons]; metal hooks; tension links; anvils [portable]; traps for wild animals; fittings of metal for furniture; branch outlet fittings of metal; fittings of metal for beds; foils of metal for cooking; bulkhead fittings of metal [other than vehicles]; metal drawer trim; cupboard fittings of metal; chocking metallic plates; catches (furniture -) of metal; drawer knobs of metal; trapezes of metal for sail boats; wardrobe rail fittings of metal; labels of metal; brackets of metal used for fixing plaques; shackles [handcuffs] made of metal; strain relief clips of metal; reels of metal [non-mechanical] for storing chains; metal plant cages; grills of metal for safety purposes; films and sheets made from metal for use in the manufacture of circuit boards; reels of metal [non-mechanical] for storing cables; cable thimbles of metal; metal corner tapes; metal valances; hinges of metal; foot plates of metal; expansion joints of metal; furnace fireguards of metal; brackets of metal for hanging window draperies; gutter bracke; ts of metal; cane clips of metal; cane connectors of metal; metal shelf brackets; bed springs of metal; dormer vents (metal -); bushings of metal [other than parts of machines]; reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts; tree supports (metal -); louvre vents (metal -) for buildings; projection walls of metal; ramps of metal; wheel chocks made primarily of metal; metal coils; vice claws of metal; spring-retracted metal hose reels; collets of metal, other than parts of machines; metal springs; metal joinery fittings; drawer handles of metal; bar connectors of metal; seating platforms of metal; ramps of metal for parking vehicles; cramps of metal; jets of metal; beer vent taps of metal; lugs of metal; metal sputtering targets; ferrules of metal; metal edgings; fireplace grates of metal; railing holders of metal; grommets (metal -); stakes of metal for plants or trees; metal parking curbs; plant hangers of metal; furniture casters of metal; metal furniture sliders; shoe scrapers of metal; shoe pegs of metal; metallic mountings; metal pipe supports; sprigs [dowel pins] of metal; metallic flags; fireplace mantles of metal; ring-shaped fittings of metal; shoe dowels of metal; metal bottle stoppers; metal lids; cam buckle tighteners of metal; belt stretchers of metal; metal clothes hooks; garment rails of metal; hooks of metal for clothes rails; hooks (door -) of metal; bicycle parking installations of metal; chimney cowls of metal; chimney pots of metal; smoke outlets [vents] of metal; cowls of metal; cleats of metal [other than for nautical use]; road humps of metal for slowing traffic; metal speed bumps; floor hinges of metal; hydrant covers of metal; access covers (metal -); road humps [portable] of metal for slowing traffic; draw-off valves (metal -) [other than parts of machines]; rings for bulls' noses [metal]; cable drums (non-mechanical -) of metal; suspension clamps of metal; hooks of metal for use in building; spigots [stoppers] of metal; angle irons; stop; pers of metal; reinforcing pins of metal for formwork; metal landscape edgings; domes (metal -); boat anchors of metal; metal cable tensioners for boats; strap-hinges of metal; window baskets of metal; hinges of metal incorporating a spring; traps of metal for wild animals; ice screws of metal; shelf supports of metal [other than parts of furniture]; shelving frames of metal [other than furniture]; bed casters of metal; tree protectors of metal; seals of metal for the reduction of friction in metals; non-automatic metal turnstiles; metal license plate frames; tent pegs of metal; shackles [leg irons] made of metal; shop fronts of metal; ventilators [vents] of metal for buildings; picture rails of metal; metal picture hangers; wedges of metal; metal buoys; metal dock cleats; metal cup hooks; pot hooks of metal; nozzles of metal; ferrules of metal for walking sticks; hand-held flagpoles of metal; towel hooks of metal; holders (fixed -) of metal for towels; wheel clamps of metal [other than anti-theft for vehicles]; adjusting shims [metal]; basin plugs of metal; stops of metal; ball catches of metal; ring pulls of metal; crank pins of metal; pulleys of metal, other than for machines; metal pulleys, springs and valves [not including machine elements]; hat-hanging hooks of metal; spacers of metal; pressure actuated rings [metal]; pressure filled rings [metal]; metal garden stakes; metal cabinet stops; drawer sliders of metal; cask stands of metal; spacer brackets of metal; cup swivel joints of metal; hooks for slate [metal hardware]; mooring hooks of metal; sleeping policemen [fixed] (metal -); metal wheel clamps; trapeze hooks of metal; grab rails of metal; screw tops of metal for bottles; metal engine stands; metal bells; metal mirror hangers; rope thimbles of metal; flap valves of metal; flagpoles of metal; fire surrounds [mantles and mantlepieces] of metal; rings of metal; metal laminated leaf-springs [not machine elements]; sleeves [metal hardware]; adhesive wall dec; orations of common metal; hat hooks of common metal; ring closures of common metal; semi-finished articles of nickel or its alloys; coils made of common metal; buckles of common metal [hardware]; common metal bands for the identification of birds; spurs; shims; steel forgings; steel grinding balls; steel grinding rods; steel grating; washers [metal hardware]; anvils; muzzles for clamping corks to sparkling wine bottles; ferrules of metal for handles; wheel clamps [boots]; adjustable collars [metal]; adjustable base plates of metal; balls for bearings; pulleys [metal hardware]; quilted jackets (metal -) for insulating hot water tanks; small items of metal hardware; springs being metal hardware for upholstery; springs [metal hardware]; chill-molds [foundry]; armor plate; common metal drawer pulls; stabilized aluminum foam; glazing sprigs; grease nipples; copper rings; semi-finished articles of copper or its alloys; bells; rockslide retention wire nets; wire hooks; wire nets and gauzes; wire mesh; wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal; shot (lead -) for shotblasting; lead seals; semi-finished articles of lead or its alloys; firedogs [andirons]; statues and works of art of common metals; pewter figurines; bronzes [works of art]; busts of bronze; artistic castings of bronze; action figures (decorative -) of bronze; figurines made from bronze; figurines of bronze being works of art; sculpted works of art made from bronze; statues made of bronze; figures of common metal; 3d wall art made of common metal; metal tombs and metal tomb plaques; pedestals (metal -) [structures]; pavilions made of metal; tombstone stelae of metal; metal tomb plaques; tomb slabs of metal; memorial plaques, of metal; sculptures of metal; grave markers of non-precious metal; commemorative statuary cups made of non-precious metal; tombstones of non-precious metal; model cars [ornaments] made of common metal; busts of non-precious metal; figurines of non-precious metal; model animals [ornam; ents] made of common metal; statues of common metal alloys; model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of common metal; sculpted works of art made from common metal; sculptures of non-precious metal; statues of non-precious metal; figurines of common metal being works of art; busts of common metal; ornamental figurines of common metal; figurines of common metal; crucifixes of common metal, other than jewellery; works of art of common metal; trophy columns of common metal; trophies of common metal; wall decorations of common metal; statues of common metal; statues of non-precious metal of religious icons; tin; tin bars; tin and its alloys; tin bars in coil; tin ingots; tin alloy ingots; tin ores; aluminium discs; aluminium strips; aluminium slabs; aluminum foil paper; sheets of aluminium; aluminium alloy ingots; aluminium ingots; aluminium; aluminium and its alloys; carbon steels; anodised metals; anti-friction metal; white metal; tinplate; glucinium [beryllium]; blooms [metallurgy]; bauxite reinforced aluminium; bauxite reinforced aluminium alloys; bronze; chromium; chromium alloys; chrome ores; zinc; zinc and its alloys; zinc ingots; zinc alloy ingots; zinc powder; zinc ores; zinc-coated steel sheets; zirconium; chrome iron; tungsten iron; lead for pouring of figures; flux coated metal rods; galena [ore]; galvanized iron; galvanized steel sheets; galvanized steel plate; iron or steel scraps; additive alloys for the production of iron; pelletized iron; iron carbon alloys; cast iron; iron castings [semi-finished]; alloyed iron; iron pyrites; iron slabs; iron ores; hoop iron; iron; iron (molybdenum -); germanium; pure iron ingots; hafnium [celtium]; indium; ferrous metals; metal billets; stainless steel in strip form; skelps; cadmium; minting rods; hot-rolled steel bars; hot-rolled steel tubes; sponge iron; ceramic reinforced aluminium; ceramic reinforced aluminium alloys; cobalt, raw; cobalt ores; alloy steel scraps; casting all