Decorative doorstops of metal; Door bells of metal (non-electric); Door bolts of metal; Door catches of metal; Door closers (non-electric); Door fittings of metal; Door furniture of metal; Door handles of metal; Door hooks of metal; Door knobs of common metal; Door knockers of metal; Door lever furniture of metal; Door openers, non-electric; Door pulls of metal; Door pushes of metal; Door seals of metal; Door springs (non-electric); Door stops of metal; Handles of metal for doors; Hardware of metal for doors; Mechanisms of metal (non-electric) for locking doors; Metal door hardware; Metal fittings for doors; Non-electric closers of metal for doors; Non-electric control apparatus of metal for closing doors; Non-electric door bells of metal; Non-electric door closers (metal); Non-electric door control devices of metal; Non-electric locking devices of metal for doors; Pet doors of metal; Articles made by locksmiths; Articles of metal for use by locksmiths; Cylinder locks of metal; Furniture locks of metal; Lock barrels of metal; Lock bolts; Lockable boxes (metal) for cash and valuables; Locks (other than electric) of metal; Magnet locks of metal; Mechanical combination locks (non-electric); Mechanical locks (non-electric, metal); Mechanisms of metal (non-electric) for locking windows; Metal locks (non electric); Non-electric locking devices of metal for furniture; Non-electric locking devices of metal for windows; Non-electric locks made of metal; Safety locks of metal (non-electric); Spring locks; Striking plates of metal for locks; Drawer handles of metal; Handles of metal for windows; Window handles of metal; Cabinet fittings of common metal; Fire safe cabinets (safes) of metal; Fittings of metal for cabinets; Metal cabinets (other than furniture); Drawer knobs of metal; Knobs of metal; Drawer runners of metal; Drawer side walls of metal; Fittings of metal for drawers; Spigots (stoppers) of metal; Stoppers of metal; Stops of metal; Clothes hooks of metal; Gate hooks of metal; Hooks (metal hardware); Hooks of metal for hanging towels; Wall hooks of metal; Ball catches of metal; Furniture catches of metal; Window catches of metal; Hinges of metal; Escutcheons of metal; Window seals of metal; Latches of metal; House numbers of metal, non-luminous; Letter box covers of metal; Letter box flaps of metal; Letter boxes of metal; Letters and numerals (of common metal), except type; Ring pulls of metal; Bathroom fittings of common metal; Drain channels of metal; Drain covers of metal; Air diffusers of metal (vents, grills) for ventilating, heating and air conditioning installations; Grilles of metal; Architectural fasteners of metal; Architectural fittings of metal; Architectural hardware made of common metals; Fixed dispensers of metal for dispensable articles; Metal wall mounted dispensers (fixed); Fittings of metal for furniture; Furniture hardware of metal; Hanging storage racks of metal (other than office requisite, not furniture); Metal drawers, other than parts of furniture; Grab rails of metal; Hand rails of metal; Keys; Stair fittings of metal
Decorative doorstops of metal; Door stops of metal; Lockable boxes of metal for tools (empty); Lockable chests of metal for tools (empty); Metal clamps (other than tools); Metal containers for tools (empty); Tool boxes of metal (empty); Tool cabinets of metal (empty); Tool storage containers of metal (empty); Clamps of metal for wire rope; Clips of metal for wire rope; Loops of metal for wire ropes; Metal ropes; Pulleys of metal for use with rope (other than parts of machines); Slings made from wire ropes for handling loads; Tow ropes of metal; Towing ropes for vehicles, of metal; Wire for ropes; Binding screws of metal for cables; Hollow set screws (metal); Screw bolts of metal; Screw bushings of metal; Screw nuts of metal; Screw rivets of metal; Screws in stainless metals; Screws of metal; Self-drilling metal screws; Self-drilling screws in stainless metals; Self-tapping metal screws; Set screws of metal; Square set screws of metal; Threaded screws of metal; Wood screws made of metal; Clothes hooks of metal; Door hooks of metal; Gate hooks of metal; Hooks (metal hardware); Hooks of metal; Hooks of metal for clothes rails; Hooks of metal for use in building; Ladder hooks of metal; Safety hooks of metal; Wire hooks; Key blanks of metal; Key cabinets (not furniture) of metal; Key covers of common metal; Key holders made of common metal; Key tags of common metal; Keys of metal; Metal chains for keys; Rings of metal for keys (ring only); Safety keys of metal; Split rings of common metal for keys; Core plugs of metal; Drain plugs of metal (building materials); Expansion plugs of metal; Fixing plugs of metal; Metal cavity plugs; Metal plugs for baths; Plugs (dowels) of metal; Plugs of metal; Metal caps for screws