Safety services for the protection of goods and individuals; information and advice on safety; services for safety inspection of construction projects, energy facilities and nuclear facilities; renting of equipment used for the protection of goods and individuals; safety and surveillance services for industrial facilities, power and energy production facilities, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, hydropower plants, dams, wind farms, oil and gas pipelines, power lines, oil plants, tidal farms, photovoltaic parks, tidal power plants, geothermal power plants and biomass power plants; services for surveillance of power, heat and energy distribution networks; advice and control relating to electric and electronic appliances used for assessing, controlling, monitoring, detecting or locating hazards (fire or intrusion); services for preventive security against industrial risks, i.e; predictive assessment and analysis of the human reliability in an emergency situation in the industrial sector; services for safety and monitoring of elderly persons, patients at home or outside it; services for video surveillance, surveillance by anti-intrusion alarms, night surveillance agencies; services for providing information to local authorities or any person associated with the field of social action or public safety; safety inspection of the electrical installations; legal services; legal analysis; legal assistance to set up companies; services relating to legal expertise in transfer of technology; legal research partnership; services of legal expertise in the field of technology transfer; legal advice relating to tax benefits and deductions as well as savings and tax credits in order to promote energy conservation and sustainable development; mediation; social mediation to manage energy insecurity situations
Safety services; occupational, workplace, and personnel health and safety services; safety consulting services in the fields of hazard assessments and abatement procedures; advisory and consultancy services relating to occupational, workplace, and personnel health and safety policies, procedures, systems, management, and maintenance; advisory and consultancy services regarding employers' compliance with legislation and regulations regarding occupational, workplace and personnel health and safety; reviewing standards and practices to assure a employer's compliance with legal or regulatory requirements regarding occupational, workplace and personnel health and safety; consultancy services relating to fire and emergency response skills; analysis and consultation pertaining to job site safety; inspection of factories for safety purposes; security assessment of risks; services relating to tracking and monitoring occupational, workplace and personnel health and safety regulatory requirements; reviewing environmental and health and safety data, analysing the data in connection with environmental and health and safety laws and regulations, and preparing environmental and health and safety compliance reports; providing information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforesaid services; provision of all the aforesaid services including by electronic means, on-line, via a website, the Internet or other computer networks, by wireless technology, accessible by mobile phone and other Internet-enabled devices, and/or via a global computer network
Safety services including safety consultation and safety management; providing the above services online including via an online forum or portal; advisory and consultancy relating to the above; workplace safety consultancy; industry safety consultancy; inspection of workplaces for occupational health and safety purposes; implementation of efficient safety measures; implementation of safety management systems; safety risk management consultancy; advisory services relating to the safety of organisations; setting of safety standards; process safety management services including process hazard analysis and quantitative risk assessment; advisory and consultancy relating to the above; organising and conducting safety risk and capability assessments; services for assessing the safety of businesses and business processes; safety exploration services for industry; evaluation, development and implementation of safety strategies including relating to organisational leadership, operational management, risk management, resource allocation, occupational health and safety, safety engineering, environmental management, process safety management, workplace conditions, quality assurance, environmental management, process safety management, operational risk management, enterprise risk management, compliance management, organisational culture, organisational leadership, organisational governance and organisational change; provision of information in relation to the above services including online, via an online forum, emails, webinars, weblogs and social media applications