Migration agent services (immigration and immigrant services); issuing of travel visas; advisory services relating to security; employment screening services (security checking); provision of security information; security services; security services for the protection of property and individuals; administration services (legal) for businesses; advisory services relating to consumers rights; advisory services relating to the law; alarm monitoring services; arbitration services; astrological services; barrister services; certification (licensing) services; consultancy services relating to clothing; consultancy services relating to deportment; consultancy services relating to fashion; consultancy services relating to personal appearance (fashion and clothing); consultancy services relating to private investigations; consultancy services relating to security; industrial property consultation services; information services relating to consumer rights; information services relating to legal matters; intellectual property licensing services; intellectual property watching services; key holding services; key returning services; legal advocacy services; legal aid services; legal consultancy services; legal enquiry services; legal information research services; legal information services; legal investigation services; licensing authority services; licensing services; maid services; mediation services (arbitration services); patent agency services; personal care services (non-medical nursing assistance); personal legal services; provision of background check services; safety services
Ministerial services; spiritual counseling, namely, ministerial counselling, counselling relating to spiritual direction, pastoral counselling, religious counselling, spiritual lifestyle counseling; marriage guidance counselling; Christian spiritual counselling services; religious services, namely, prayer meetings; religious services, namely, conducting religious ceremonies and personal religious counseling; personal support services, namely, providing emotional support services for families, the elderly, at-risk youth, crime victims; religious and spiritual services, namely, organization of religious meetings; conducting religious prayer services and religious memorial services; marriage bureaus; marriage counseling, namely, providing personal advice relating to non-legal matrimonial matters; providing spiritual guidance and advice in the field of personal relationships, maintaining a healthy lifestyle; spiritual recovery services, namely, providing spiritual rehabilitation services; spiritual development services, namely, providing gatherings and retreats to develop and enhance the spiritual lives of individuals; evangelistic ministerial services; non-medical in-home personal care nursing services for assisting with daily living activities of children, disabled persons, the elderly; social work services, namely, providing case management services, namely, coordinating social and personal care services for children, disabled persons, the elderly; providing information, advisory and consultancy for the aforesaid services including by electronic means and via a global computer network; personal lifestyle consulting services