Fire safety consultancy services; legal compliance auditing; regulatory compliance auditing; licensing services; computer licensing; intellectual property licensing services; licensing of computer programs; licensing of copyright; licensing of software; licensing of computer software (legal services); licensing of intellectual property; licensing of trade marks; licensing services; providing user authentication services in e-commerce transactions; providing personal and social services to meet the needs of individuals; Investigation and consideration of properties with a view to fire safety and provision of reports in relation thereto; advice and information to the owners and/or occupiers of premises, or professionals advising them, in relation to all aspects of fire detection, suppression, safety and evacuation procedures; provision of public information and advice regarding fire prevention, safety, detection, alarms, suppression, escape, extinguishing, emergency evacuation, and all aspects of property, personnel and personal safety; professional consultancy and advisory services in this class for the providing of reports and/or plans to the owners and /or occupiers of premises or professionals advising them in relation to the need for fire and/or security guards and/or patrols; safety services; services for the protection of property and individuals; monitoring of fire alarms; information, advisory and consultancy services, including online, in relation to all of the foregoing