Exploitation of broadcasting rights; granting of licenses relating to the copying of broadcast and cable television; issue of licensing rights to television productions and related intellectual property rights; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals; licensing of intellectual property, including copyright and trade marks; licensing of rights relating to publishing, publications, performances, productions, films, television productions, video productions, television content, audio-visual content, text, images, graphics, photographic prints, transparencies, artistic works, musical works, dramatic works, literary works and subject matter other than works; exploitation of industrial and intellectual property rights; granting of licenses relating to the copying of television programs and television content; industrial and intellectual property consultation services; licensing of computer software and firmware; rental and hiring services in relation to crowd control equipment, safety and protection equipment; computer services, namely, creating an on-line community for users to participate in discussions, interact with other users, form virtual communities, and engage in social networking; internet based introduction, dating, matchmaking and social networking services; information services relating to consumer rights; information services (including on-line, interactive, digital and datacasting information services) in relation to clothes, fashion
Exploitation of inventions; Licensing of technology; Advisory services relating to intellectual property rights; Enforcement of intellectual property rights; Establishment of intellectual property rights; Exploitation of intellectual property rights; Industrial property (intellectual property) consultation services; Industrial property (intellectual property) management; Intellectual property consultancy; Intellectual property licensing services; Intellectual property watching services; Licensing of intellectual property; Monitoring intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes; Prosecution of applications for intellectual property rights; Protection of intellectual property; Research relating to intellectual property; Advisory services relating to patents; Exploitation of patents; Licensing of patents; Management of patents; Patent agency services; Patent attorney services; Patent licensing; Professional advisory services relating to infringement of patents; Professional advisory services relating to licensing of patents; Enforcement of trade mark rights; Legal advisory services relating to trade marks; Licensing of trade marks; Professional advisory services relating to infringement of trade marks; Professional advisory services relating to licensing of trade marks; Prosecution of applications for trade marks; Searching of trade marks; Trade mark attorney services; Trade marks exploitation; Advisory services relating to copyright; Copyright management; Exploitation of copyrights; Exploitation of printed matter (Copyright); Exploitation of rights of films (Copyright); Exploitation of transmission rights (Copyright); Licensing of copyright; Protection of copyright; Licensing of registered designs; Professional advisory services relating to registered designs; Prosecution of registered designs