Electronic monitoring and supervision services for security, accountability and control purposes in the field of corrections, law enforcement, social services, healthcare, case management fields, and other government and business entities, namely, conducting confirmed two-way communications with individuals under the control of a duly authorized official, such as monitoring individuals under house arrest, or individuals under restricted activity status, or individuals required to comply with program conditions, or individuals required to report matters regarding their physical or mental health using automated voice interactive telephone systems or computers which authenticate the individual with biometrics, in order to determine compliance with applicable conditions, deliver messages as applicable to those or other conditions, document contact results, generate exceptions, and generate alarms to authorities using phones, pagers, faxes or e-mail; electronic supervision services for security, accountability and control purposes in the nature of providing confirmed communications to and from an individual and their duly authorized official having responsibility for their respective case plan, determining locations of individuals under supervision using automatic phone number identification or automatic location identification with automated computer telephone systems in order to confirm an individual is in compliance with applicable conditions and documenting contact results, generating exceptions, and generating alarms and messages to authorities