Closed-circuit surveillance; Electronic surveillance; Monitoring of surveillance systems; Rental of security surveillance apparatus; Rental of surveillance apparatus; Security surveillance; Store surveillance services; Surveillance of buildings; Surveillance of goods; Surveillance of personnel; Surveillance services; Accident investigation; Consultancy services relating to private investigations; Criminal investigations; Forensic advice for criminal investigations; Legal investigation services; Missing person investigations; Personal background investigations; Private investigation services; Advisory services relating to security; Advisory services relating to the security of premises; Aircraft security services; Airline passenger screening (security) services; Airport security services; Baggage inspection for security purposes; Biometric security services; Consultancy services relating to security; Employment screening services (security checking); Life saving and life guarding services (safety and security patrols); Monitoring of burglar and security alarms; Monitoring of security systems; Opening of security locks; Providing information, including online, about security; Provision of information relating to security; Provision of on-site security facilities; Provision of security alarm monitoring services; Provision of security information; Public events security services; Rental of burglar, security or fire alarms; Rental of security apparatus; Security advisory services; Security assessment of risks; Security consultancy; Security guards; Security marking of goods; Security services; Security services for the protection of property and individuals