Vegetable growing; horticulture and fruit growing; farming; contract farming (agricultural services); farming services; information services relating to farming; advisory services relating to vegetable growing, horticulture; providing information, including online, about agriculture, horticulture, and forestry services; gardening; care of plants, including vegetables and fruit; advisory services relating to growing vegetables and fruit; advisory services relating to seasonal gardening, including pest and disease control in gardens and vegetable patches; provision of information including online about gardening and home grown vegetables; garden maintenance; landscape gardening, including building and preparing garden beds; provision of allotments for growing plants; agricultural services, horticultural services, botanical services, forestry services, viticulture services; farming and agricultural equipment rental; aerial and surface spreading of fertilisers and other agricultural chemicals; garden design, landscape design, gardening, lawn care; tree surgery; providing information including on-line about agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, forestry, botany and viticulture; consulting services in the areas of agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, forestry, botany and viticulture; information and consultancy services in relation to treatment of soil; weed killing, extermination of noxious plants, extermination of vermin; services to treat and prevent soil salinity; provision of gardening services; pest and disease control and monitoring services for agriculture and horticulture; information services relating to farming; information services relating to the growing of vegetables, salads, fruit and herbs; identification, selection, planting and harvesting of forestry plantations; information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to all of the foregoing
Veterinary services; Health, sanitary and beauty care for animals; veterinary assistance; animal grooming, veterinary diagnostic services, diagnostic services of diseases in animals; infection diagnostic services, microbial detection and identification of viruses, bacteria, fungi or other pathogens to determine the presence of signs of infection and diseases; analysis of monitoring data relating to the eating habits of animals in order to identify those animals requiring special attention; care services for pets and livestock including the health monitoring of livestock or pets in order to monitor and manage their eating habits; veterinary services providing surgical, diagnostic and medical services for animals; genetic testing of animals; vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture and forestry; artificial insemination services; therapeutic services for animals; aromatherapy services; information and advice relating to the veterinary field, animal health and veterinary medicines; veterinary assistance and advisory services, especially with regard to breeding, including services relating to animal health and animal care; provision of advice and information on care, products, sanitary products, sanitary practices, and relating to medicines, food supplements and veterinary preparations, by all means, including by means of a computer database; advice and information services relating to animal breeding, including research and analysis in connection with the health and well-being of livestock; advice and information on animals, including research and analysis in connection with animal growth and development; information, assistance and advice relating to the health and fitness of livestock and pets; health services relating to nutritional supplements, exercise and diet of livestock and pets; chiropractic for animals, osteopathy for animals; information, assistance and advice in the field of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical matters; remote consultancy and veterinary assistance, consultancy services provided by telephone, mobile phone and tablet computer for animal breeders and owners for managing animal diseases and behavior; conducting of medical, clinical and veterinary research; tissue banking services including biological samples for use in the field of animal diseases; services of veterinary information and advice via an Internet website that enables users to input and analyze information on veterinary practices and relating to breeding; health care services, in particular through the provision of a database in the field of animal diseases including the input and collection of data and information for treatment and diagnostic purposes