Telemedicine services; health care; consultation services on medical and health related issues, namely, the review and assessment of information regarding the availability of medical care for location of emergency medical treatment; diagnostic testing relating to the human body; medical assistance and medical services; monitoring of patients; behavioural analysis for medical purposes; conducting of medical examinations; medical clinic services; provision of 24-hour medical treatment services; health and medical screening; healthcare consultancy services (medical); provision of reports relating to the medical examination of individuals; services for the preparation of medical reports; provision of vaccination services; provision of information relating to vaccination for overseas travel; X-ray services; medical health assessment services; dental care; pharmacy and medical advisory services; health risk assessment surveys; provision of medical facilities, medicines and first aid kits; provision of psychological counselling by telephone; location of medical facilities for emergency; location of emergency healthcare and medical treatment; pharmacy dispensary services for the replacement of medical prescriptions; preparation of reports relating to health care matters; arranging of medical treatment; rescue operations (medical aid and resuscitation); consultancy and advisory services in relation to medical services; rental of medical equipment and instruments; provision of information, consultancy services and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services on-line from a computer database or global communications network
Telemedicine services; medical, telehealth, remote care and virtual health care services, namely, providing medical services and consultation over the telephone and via the Internet through the use of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and mobile wireless devices via video, email, or a global computer network; providing telehealth, telemedicine, remote care, and virtual health care services by providing real-time access to medical professionals; providing medical services, telehealth, remote care and virtual health services via web site and mobile app featuring health and medical information; providing telemedicine and virtual health care services for the diagnosis, consultation, and treatment of cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, dermatological, endocrine, gastrointestinal, hematological, hepatological, metabolic, musculoskeletal, neurological, ophthalmic, otolaryngological, reproductive, and respiratory conditions; providing medical diagnosis services; providing chronic care management services; physician services; medical services in the fields of primary care, internal medicine, and geriatrics; medical counseling; consulting services in the field of medical care; health care services, namely, disease management programs; medical care services, namely, primary care medical services, family medicine, and specialized medical care services in the management of complex and chronic diseases, namely, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, heart disease, asthma, and arthritis; osteopathic medical services; providing preventative health information; counseling services in the field of disease management; medical services in the nature of chronic pain management; medical services in the fields of women's and men's health; medical services in the fields of infant, youth and adolescent health; providing in-home medical care laboratory testing and diagnostic services; preparation of prescriptions by pharmacists; health care services in preparation for traveling including immunization services; medical services, namely, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries; medical services, namely, diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders; chiropractic services; medical and pharmaceutical consultation; medical diagnostic testing, monitoring, and reporting services; medical analysis services for diagnostic and treatment purposes provided by medical laboratories; physical therapy and rehabilitation
Telehealth services; telemedicine services; remote and virtual health care services; health care services, including via telephone, videoconference, Internet, mobile app, website, software platform, smartphone, tablet or global computer network; health clinic services; medical advisory services; medical health assessment services; medical screening; health screening; medical diagnostic services; conducting medical examinations; arranging and providing medical treatment; medical services; preparation of reports relating to health care or medical matters; medical consulting services relating to offshore medical services; dermatology services; emergency medical services; health centres; health clinic services; family planning; gastroenterology (medical services); gynaecology; medical obstetrics services; medical services for treatment of the skin; neurology (medical services); oncology (medical services); ophthalmological services; orthopaedic surgery; paediatric medical services; palliative care; plastic surgery; psychiatry; psychological or psychiatric counselling; psychological examination; counselling relating to diet or nutrition; nutrition consultancy; health or medical counselling; lifestyle counselling (medical advice); services for the planning of weight reduction programmes; lifestyle counselling (psychological therapy); preparing psychological profiles; preparing psychological profiles for medical purposes; medical counselling; occupational psychology services; therapy services; sports medicine services; psychotherapy; psychological testing for medical purposes; information relating to behavioural modification; therapy services; meditation therapy services; speech therapy; chiropractic services; dermatology services; health assessment surveys; medical analysis services; medical equipment rental; occupational health and safety services; personal care services (medical nursing, health, hygiene and beauty care); general practice medical services; osteopathy; optometry; pathology services; pharmacy advisory services; pharmacy dispensary services; pharmaceutical advisory services; prescriptions by pharmacists; provision of pharmaceutical information; treatment of allergies; physiotherapy; physical therapy; podiatry; radiology services; rehabilitation services (health care), including injury rehabilitation services; therapeutic treatment of the body; preparation of alternative medical services; complementary medical services; information including online, about veterinary services; medical nursing; midwife services; monitoring of patients; physicians' services; information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforementioned services