Telemedicine services; health care; consultation services on medical and health related issues, namely, the review and assessment of information regarding the availability of medical care for location of emergency medical treatment; diagnostic testing relating to the human body; medical assistance and medical services; monitoring of patients; behavioural analysis for medical purposes; conducting of medical examinations; medical clinic services; provision of 24-hour medical treatment services; health and medical screening; healthcare consultancy services (medical); provision of reports relating to the medical examination of individuals; services for the preparation of medical reports; provision of vaccination services; provision of information relating to vaccination for overseas travel; X-ray services; medical health assessment services; dental care; pharmacy and medical advisory services; health risk assessment surveys; provision of medical facilities, medicines and first aid kits; provision of psychological counselling by telephone; location of medical facilities for emergency; location of emergency healthcare and medical treatment; pharmacy dispensary services for the replacement of medical prescriptions; preparation of reports relating to health care matters; arranging of medical treatment; rescue operations (medical aid and resuscitation); consultancy and advisory services in relation to medical services; rental of medical equipment and instruments; provision of information, consultancy services and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services on-line from a computer database or global communications network