Surveys relating to health, healthy living, wellbeing and wellness; compilation, analysis and processing of information and results obtained from health, healthy living, wellbeing and wellness surveys; preparation of reports and provision of information relating to the results of health, healthy living, wellbeing and wellness surveys; health and medical information services; medical, health, wellness and wellbeing information and advisory services; medical, health and fitness assessment services; dietary counselling services; lifestyle counselling (medical and psychological) services; consultancy relating to health care; health assessment surveys; health care; health care consultancy services (medical); health risk assessment surveys; health screening; healthcare; information services relating to health care; medical health assessment services; occupational health and safety services (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); preparation of reports relating to health care matters; provision of health care services; rehabilitation services (health care); medical services; operation of medical centres and medical practices; general practice (GP) medical services; medical clinic services; health care; medical analysis services; medical diagnostic services (testing and analysis); medical imaging services; medical health assessment services; conducting of medical examinations; medical nursing; medical counselling; medical care services; medical treatment services; preparation of reports relating to medical matters; medical information retrieval services; emergency medical services; medical assistance; arranging of medical treatment; advisory, consulting and information services in relation to all of the foregoing medical services; all of the foregoing medical services provided by any means, including online, by way of video conferencing, in person and by telephone; online booking of medical services; Patient health services; Wound dressings; Vaccinations; Skin procedures and minor surgery; Bulk billed medical services; all patient needs healthcare services; private patient services; corporate patient services; allied health services; mental health services; chronic disease management; all General Practitioner type services; Nurse related general practice type services reception and administration services; provision of medical clinic services including medical specialist examination and reporting services; provision of medical clinic services including mobile medical clinic services; service provider to health professionals; patient booking services; medical consultancy services; Provision of primary care services including illness prevention, early intervention, treatment and care in the areas of childhood and adult communicable disease, chronic disease, mental health, acute medical care, aboriginal health, men's health, women's health, aged care, quality use of medicines; provision of general practice medical services including street based services, after hour services, acute and chronic disease services; Information and advice on health, health care, triage services and related issues including advice and information provided via a national telephone network, the Internet or other electronic means; consultancy in relation to occupational health and safety (therapeutic and rehabilitation services), audit, risk management, injury rehabilitation, drug rehabilitation, illness rehabilitation and rehabilitation services (healthcare)