Sports medicine services; sports injury, orthopaedic and rehabilitation services; work place injury management programs; rehabilitation services; consultancy in relation to occupational health and safety (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); injury rehabilitation services; occupational health and safety services (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); rehabilitation services (health care); surgery rehabilitation services; injury management systems; illness rehabilitation services; provision of exercise facilities for health rehabilitation purposes; advisory services relating to medical concerns; advisory services relating to medical services; arranging of medical treatment; behaviour analysis for medical purposes; compilation of medical reports; complementary medical services; conducting of medical examinations; consultancy and advisory services in relation to medical services; emergency medical services; health care consultancy services (medical); heat therapy (medical); lifestyle counselling (medical); medical advice for individuals with disabilities; medical advisory services; medical analysis services; medical assistance; medical care services; medical services; medical clinic services; medical counselling; medical diagnostic services (testing and analysis); medical examination of individuals; medical health assessment services; medical information retrieval services; medical treatment services; preparation of reports relating to medical matters; providing information, including online, about medical services; provision of medical assistance; health consultancy services to work place in policy and procedural matters; provision of medical facilities; provision of medical information; provision of medical services; provision of medical treatment; occupational psychology services relating to stress management, work/life balance, workplace bullying, and workplace wellbeing; occupational rehabilitation services; occupational rehabilitation advice, counselling and assistance regarding assessment and variation of vocational duties; services for the preparation of medical reports; physical therapy; remedial therapy services; therapy services; advisory services relating to health; advocacy services relating to health issues; health assessment surveys; health care; information services relating to health care; preparation of reports relating to health care matters; provision of information relating to vaccination; provision of medical services including provision of vaccinations; drug and alcohol addiction programs; drug and alcohol counselling; rehabilitation for substance abuse patients; fatigue management programs; early intervention medical examinations; injury management; medico-legal assessments; consultant assessments related to health problems; executive medical examinations; full vaccination service; drug and alcohol testing, being medical services; rehabilitation and medical occupational assistance; wellness and health monitoring programs; rehabilitation counselling and rehabilitation reporting; physiotherapy; chiropractic services
Speech therapy; Advisory services relating to health; Advisory services relating to medical problems; Advisory services relating to medical services; Aged care services (medical and nursing services); Arranging of medical treatment; Audiology services; General practice (GP) medical services; Health assessment surveys; Health care; Health care consultancy services (medical); Health centers; Health centres; Health clinic services; Health counselling; Health screening; Healthcare; Hearing tests; Hospital nursing home services; Hospital services; Injury rehabilitation services; Medical advice for individuals with disabilities; Medical advisory services; Medical analysis services; Medical assistance; Medical care services; Medical clinic services; Medical consulting services relating to offshore medical services; Medical counselling; Medical diagnostic services (testing and analysis); Medical examination of individuals; Medical health assessment services; Medical screening; Medical services; Medical treatment services; Dietetic counselling services (medical); Physiotherapy; Preparation of reports relating to health care matters; Preparation of reports relating to medical matters; Provision of information relating to medicine; Provision of information relating to nutrition; Provision of information relating to psychology; Provision of medical assistance; Provision of medical facilities; Provision of medical information; Provision of medical services; Provision of medical treatment; Therapeutic treatment of the body; Therapeutic treatment of the face; Therapy services; Telemedicine services
Speech therapy services; speech pathology; speech pathology and therapy services; accent reduction treatments and therapy; accent assessment services; accent reduction services; speech and elocution services; elocution assessment and therapy; speech impediment treatment services; stuttering therapy and services; voice and dialect coaching services; voice assessment and therapy services; speech and verbal communication services; speech and language assessment services; speech and language assessment therapy services; medical services; medical diagnostic services (testing and analysis); therapy services; psychology services; behavioural therapy services; occupational therapy; allied health services; medical counselling services including mental health counselling; assisting people with non-verbal communication methods, including alternative and augmentative communication; testing and assessment for medical purposes; provision of medical information; compilation of medical reports; medical health assessment services; provision of health care services; developing individualised programmes for medical, psychological and medical services; provision of speech pathology and therapy services and classes including online services and classes; providing interactive online resource information and materials via a global computer network relating to speech, accent, elocution, verbal and non-verbal communication assessment, treatment, therapy and coaching; telemedicine services; medical, telehealth, remote care, remote health monitoring and virtual health care services, namely, providing medical services, assessment and consultation over the telephone and via the Internet through the use of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and mobile wireless devices via video, email, or a global computer network; providing telehealth, telemedicine, remote care, and virtual health care services by providing real-time access to medical professionals; providing medical services, telehealth, remote care and virtual health services via web site and mobile app featuring health and medical information; providing users with real-time and on-demand access to health care professionals via computer, telephone, and other electronic means; providing telemedicine and virtual health care services for the diagnosis, consultation, and treatment of health conditions; consultancy, advisory and information services (including online, interactive, digital and datacasting services) in relation to the foregoing