Naturopath services and treatments; alternative medical services; alternative medicine including, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbalism, hypnosis, homeopathy, iridology, kinesiology, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicines; advisory and consultancy services relating to alternative medicines, behavioural problems, diet, horticulture, nutrition, pharmaceutical products, pharmacies, pharmacology, slimming, weight loss; advocacy services relating to health issues; analysis of tissues for medical treatment excluding radiology or medical imaging services; anti-smoking therapy; acupuncture services; aromatherapy services; behavioural analysis for medical purposes; cholesterol testing; compilation of medical reports excluding radiology or medical imaging services; consultancy relating to nutrition, skin care, slimming, personal appearance (hair, beauty, cosmetics) excluding radiology or medical imaging services; counselling relating to alternative medicines and treatments, diet, health, holistic practices, lifestyle, medical problems and treatments, nutrition, well-being; family planning, fertility treatment and assistance including natural fertility services and treatments; genetic testing for medical purposes excluding radiology or medical imaging services; health risk assessment surveys, health spa services, heat therapy (medical); herbalism including flower essence and treatment; homeopathic clinical services; hydrotherapy; hypnotherapy; in vitro fertilization services including natural fertility management, methods and treatments for assisting with natural conception; lifestyle counselling (medical); lifestyle counselling (psychological); lymphodrainage services; massage; massage services for individuals and groups; massage services including but not limited to deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy, reflexology, relaxation massage, remedial massage, and acupressure, shiatsu, sports injury, Swedish massages; pain management services; mobile massage services; naturopathy; nutrition consultancy; nutritional advisory services; pharmaceutical advisory services; physical therapy; physiotherapy; physiotherapy services; hydrotherapy; pregnancy testing, treatment and assistance; preparation of reports and profiles including but not limited to psychological profiles for medical purposes, health care matters, medical matters, psychological profiles but excluding radiology or medical imaging services; providing information including online, about alternative medical services; provision of dietetic advice; information relating to behavioural modification, medicine, nutrition, psychology, vaccination; reflexology; reiki services; remedial therapy services; services for the planning of weight reduction programmes, testing of blood, testing of sera, testing of urine excluding radiology or medical imaging services; slimming salon services, slimming treatment services, supervision of weight reduction programmes; telemedicine services; therapeutic treatment of the body and face; therapy services; treatment and testing for allergies; weight control evaluation and treatment; advisory and information services, including by electronic means and via a global computer network, about all of the aforesaid services; all the foregoing excluding radiology or medical imaging related services
Naturopathy; Consultancy relating to skin care; Consultancy relating to cosmetics; Consultancy services relating to personal appearance (hair, beauty, cosmetics); Herbalism; Advisory services relating to beauty treatment; Beauty care services; Beauty consultancy; Beauty counselling; Beauty salon services; Beauty salons; Beauty treatment services; Health spas (health, hygiene and beauty care services); Hygienic and beauty care for human beings; Personal care services (medical nursing, health, hygiene and beauty care); Providing information, including online, about hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; Removal of body cellulite; Therapeutic treatment of the body; Saunas for health or hygiene purposes; Hair care services; Hair dressing salon services; Hair styling; Hairdressing; Hairdressing salons; Shampooing of the hair; Advisory services relating to health; Consultancy in relation to occupational health and safety (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); Consultancy relating to health care; Health care; Health care consultancy services (medical); Health centers; Health clinic services; Health counselling; Health spa services; Information services relating to health care; Medical health assessment services; Occupational health and safety services (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); Provision of health care services; Rehabilitation services (health care); Advisory services relating to medical problems; Advisory services relating to medical services; Alternative medical services; Cardiology (medical services); Heat therapy (medical); Medical advisory services; Arranging of medical treatment; Charitable services, namely providing medical services; Complementary medical services; Consultancy and advisory services in relation to medical services; Dietetic counselling services (medical); Endocrinology (medical services); Gastroenterology (medical services); Life saving and life guarding services (medical aid and resuscitation); Medical assistance; Medical care services; Medical clinic services; Medical counselling; Medical examination of individuals; Medical services; Medical spa services; Medical treatment services; Neurology (medical services); Paediatric medical services; Provision of medical facilities; Alternative medicine services; Provision of information relating to medicine; Sports medicine services; Osteopathy; Physical therapy; Therapy services; Aromatherapy services; Advisory services relating to nutrition; Counselling relating to nutrition; Nutrition consultancy; Advisory services relating to pharmaceutical products; Advisory services relating to pharmacies; Advisory services relating to pharmacology; Pharmaceutical advisory services; Pharmacy advice; Lawn care; Oncology (medical services); Advisory services relating to diet; Counselling relating to diet; Provision of dietetic advice; Consultancy relating to nutrition; Nutritional advisory services; Provision of information relating to nutrition; Health centres; Provision of pharmaceutical information; Remedial therapy services; Advisory services relating to diseases; Advisory services relating to slimming; Barber services; Beautician services; Dermatology services; Hospital services; Meditation services; Physicians' services; Private hospital services; Telemedicine services