Gastroenterology (medical services); Heat therapy (medical); Physical therapy; Remedial therapy services; Therapy services; Advisory services relating to medical problems; Advisory services relating to medical services; Alternative medical services; Analysis of tissues for medical treatment; Arranging of medical treatment; Behavioural analysis for medical purposes; Charitable services, namely providing medical services; Complementary medical services; Conducting of medical examinations; Consultancy and advisory services in relation to medical services; Dermatology (medical services); Dietetic counselling services (medical); General practice (GP) medical services; Genetic testing for medical purposes; Health care consultancy services (medical); Health farm services (medical); Lifestyle counselling (medical); Medical advisory services; Medical analysis services; Medical analysis services for diagnostic and treatment purposes provided by medical laboratories; Medical assistance; Medical care services; Medical clinic services; Medical counselling; Medical diagnostic services (testing and analysis); Medical examination of individuals; Medical health assessment services; Medical nursing; Medical services; Medical treatment services; Nursing (medical); Preparation of reports relating to medical matters; Providing information including online, about medical services, and veterinary services; Provision of medical assistance; Provision of medical facilities; Provision of medical information; Provision of medical services; Provision of medical treatment; Services for the preparation of medical reports
gardening; landscape gardening; garden maintenance; horticulture; garden design; planting of flora; planting of trees; planning (design) of gardens; plant nurseries; cultivation advisory services relating to horticulture; lawn care; pest control services for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry; advisory services relating to water gardening; occupational health and safety services (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); lifestyle counselling (psychological therapy); consultancy in relation to occupational health and safety (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); meditation therapy services; provision of exercise facilities for health rehabilitation purposes; healthcare; nutritional advisory services; advisory services relating to nutrition; health assessment surveys; physical therapy; advisory services relating to health; psychological counselling; psychological or psychiatric counselling; health counselling; remedial therapy services; occupational psychology services; illness rehabilitation services; lifestyle counselling (medical advice); therapy services; rehabilitation for substance abuse patients; speech therapy; pet therapy services; animal-assisted therapy; therapeutic treatment of the body; pets as therapy services; rehabilitation services (health care); health care; consultancy relating to health care; information services relating to health care; personal care services (medical nursing, health, hygiene and beauty care); provision of health care services; medical advice for individuals with disabilities; preparation of reports relating to health care matters; health clinic services; health centers; health farm services (medical); respite care (medical and nursing services); psychological testing for medical purposes; preparation of psychological profiles for medical purposes; health care consultancy services (medical); medical health assessment services; psychological examination; provision of information relating to psychology; psychotherapy; behavioural analysis for medical purposes; cultivation of plants; sowing of seeds; provision of allotments for growing plants; hypnotherapy; physiotherapy; palliative care; drug rehabilitation services; paediatric medical services; tree planting; aged care services (medical and nursing services); provision of nursing care; injury rehabilitation services; medical assistance