Youth hostel services; child welfare services, namely, providing residential homes and housing for at-risk children and youth; child welfare services, namely, providing children's residential homes and food to children in need; arranging and provision of temporary accommodation and lodgings; lodging and boarding house services; room booking, hire and rental; charitable services namely providing temporary accommodation and housing; respite care (provision of temporary accommodation); providing and arranging the provision of meals, food and drink; canteen, cafeteria and cafe services; charitable services, namely providing food and drink caterings; charitable services, namely, providing orphanage services in the nature of temporary lodging and shelter for children; child care services including creche day care and child minding services for children; providing home-based child care services; holiday camp services (lodging and temporary accommodation); provision of child care centres; consultancy and advisory services relating to the provision of temporary accommodation, food, food preparation and the provision of food and drink; reservation and booking services for accommodation and temporary accommodation; motels, hostels and hotels; public house services; boarding house services; rental of beds, temporary accommodation, linen, furnishings, and camping sites; services for providing food or drink and temporary accommodation; providing information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforesaid services; provision of all the aforesaid services including by electronic means, on-line, via a website, the Internet or other computer networks, by wireless technology, accessible by mobile phone and other Internet-enabled devices, and/or via a global computer network.