Services for providing food and drink; accommodation services; temporary accommodation; advice concerning cooking recipes; business catering services; catering for the provision of food and drink; catering in fast-food cafeterias; catering services for company cafeterias; catering services for conference centres; catering services for educational establishments; catering services for hospitality suites; fast-food restaurant services; hotel catering services; mobile catering; outside catering; providing food and drink catering services for fair and exhibition facilities; take-away fast food services; banqueting services; bar and restaurant services; bistro services; cafés; carry-out restaurants; catering; cocktail lounges; coffee shops; consultancy services relating to food preparation; consultancy services relating to food; consulting services in the field of culinary arts; contract food services; cookery advice; corporate hospitality (provision of food and drink); delicatessens [restaurants]; food and drink preparation services; hospitality services [food and drink]; ice cream parlours; juice bars; mobile restaurant services; night club services [provision of food]; personal chef services; preparation and provision of food and drink for immediate consumption; preparation of meals; providing reviews of restaurants and bars; public house services; reservation and booking services for restaurants and meals; salad bars; serving food and drinks; snack-bar services; take away food and drink services; tapas bars; teahouse services; wine bars; wine tasting services (provision of beverages); Indian restaurants; curry houses; vegetarian restaurants; bars, restaurants and cafes specialising in cooking with meat-substitutes; pop-up bar, restaurant and cafe services; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to the foregoing services.
Services for providing food and drink including catering of food and drinks, food preparation; serving food and drinks; restaurants; self service restaurants; snack-bars; cafes; cafeterias; canteens; coffee shops; coffee supply services for offices; coffee-house and snack-bar services; providing of food and drink for patrons and guests; bar services; taverns; fast food and non-stop restaurant services; fast-food restaurants; take away food services; Internet cafe services (provision of food and drink prepared for consumption); theatre restaurants (provision of food and drink); accommodation bureaux (hotels, boarding houses); motels; hotels; health resort services, namely, providing food and lodging that specialize in promoting patrons' general health and well-being; resort hotels; resort lodging service; hotel reservations; arranging of temporary accommodations; providing temporary accommodations; consultancy and advisory services relating to the provision of temporary accommodation; providing conference rooms; provision of conference facilities; provision of conference, exhibition and meeting facilities; booking of campground accommodation; camp services (holiday lodging); providing campground facilities; rental of camping equipment; caravan parks; rental of furniture and household furnishings in the nature of appliances and electronic equipment for use in temporary housing accommodations; rental of drinking water equipment, including coolers and hot and cold dispensing consoles; providing information, including online about all of the aforesaid services