Salad bar restaurant services; Arranging for the provision of food; Arranging of wedding receptions (food and drink); Charitable services, namely providing food and drink catering; Club services for the provision of food and drink; Coffee bar and coffee house services (provision of food and drink); Consultancy services relating to food; Consultancy services relating to food preparation; Consultancy, advisory and information services in relation to the provision of food and drink; Consultation services relating to food; Country club services (provision of food, drink and temporary accommodation); Food and drink catering; Food cooking services; Food preparation; Food sculpting; Hospitality services (food and drink); Internet cafe services (provision of food and drink prepared for consumption); Night club services (provision of food and drink); Preparation of food and drink; Preparation of take-away and fast food; Providing food and drink; Providing information, including online, about services for providing food and drink, and temporary accommodation; Provision of carry out foods and beverages; Provision of information relating to the preparation of food and drink; Restaurant services for the provision of fast food; Snack bars (provision of food and drink); Social clubs (Provision of food); Take away food services; Take out food and beverage services; Takeaway food and drink services; Theatre restaurants (Provision of food and drink); Booking of restaurant places; Booking of restaurant seats; Inn keeping (bar, restaurant and accommodation); Restaurant services; Restaurants; Self-service restaurants
Salad bars [restaurant services], lounge bars, cafes, themed restaurants, provision of meals for immediate consumption, providing of food and drink in bistros, in Internet cafes, in restaurants, in bars, providing of restaurant services, providing of catering services [food and beverages] for sports events, concerts, colloquiums and exhibitions, providing of information on restaurant services, providing of information relating to bar services, providing of information in the form of recipes for beverages, preparation of food and beverages for immediate consumption, preparation of food and beverages, preparation of Japanese food for immediate consumption, preparation and providing of food and beverages, preparation and providing of food and beverages to take away out or to consume on the premises, preparation and providing of food and beverages for consumption in retail establishments, self-service restaurants, serving food and beverages to customers, serving food and beverages to customers in restaurants, in bars, bistros, in Internet cafes, serving food and beverages in retail and take-away establishments, serving of alcoholic beverages, serving of food and beverages [waiter services], serving of products to drink in bistro-brasseries, serving of tea, coffee, cocoa, carbonated drinks or fruit juice beverages, bar services, bar services for fruit juice, juice and coffee, tea, wine, services for bars, lounge bars, bistros, restaurants, catering, services in hotels, restaurants and cafes, cafeterias, reservation services for restaurants, restaurant services, restaurant services with a home delivery option, take-away restaurant services, tourist restaurant services, okonomiyaki-type restaurant services, self-service restaurant services, Japanese restaurant services, mobile restaurant services, catering services providing food and beverages, snack bar services, services provided by fast-food restaurants and continuous service restaurants, tavern services, services offer; ing food and beverages to take away