Organising, conducting and providing shared and supported temporary accommodation for people of all ages and their families; organising, conducting and providing supported individual and group accommodation for people of all ages and their families; respite care (provision of temporary accommodation); holiday camp services (temporary accommodation); holiday home services (accommodation); holiday information (accommodation); holiday planning (accommodation); supported tourism services being the reservation or booking of hotels or temporary accommodation in order to support the health and well-being of people of all ages; child care services; day care services for children; people's home services (provision of accommodation and food and drink); adult care services (accommodation); placement of children, youths and adults in temporary and independent living accommodation and provision of this accommodation; arranging for the provision of food; charitable services, namely providing food and drink catering; hospitality services (food and drink); preparation of food and drink; providing food and drink; the above services provided for people of all ages including parents, families, those with disabilities, medical conditions, aging people, children, disadvantaged and/or vulnerable people including resulting from mental illness, long term unemployment, abuse; provision of the above services for charitable purposes; advisory and consultancy in relation to the above services; providing the above services online including via an online forum or portal; provision of information in relation to the above services including online, via an online forum, emails, weblogs and social media posts and applications