Franchised restaurants in this class; provision of food and drink; cocktail lounge services; bars; cafes; snack bar; self-service restaurants and restaurant services; catering services; hospitality services; licensed restaurant; outlets providing food for home delivery; provision of meals, snacks, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea beverages; take away and catering food services in relation to pizzas, salads, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages; bar services, including cocktail bar and wine bar services; club services in this class; public house services; taverns; snack bars; food and drink establishments including facilities for providing customer access to global computer networks; catering services including mobile catering services; arranging for the provision of food, drink and meals; cooking services; consultancy, advisory and information services in relation to the provision and/or preparation of food and drink; consultancy, advisory and information services in relation to food and drink establishments; rental of rooms and venues for events including social functions; rental of utensils, apparatus and equipment for use in the preparation, service and/or consumption of food, drink and/or meals, including furniture, linen, tableware and glassware; rental of meeting rooms; provision of temporary accommodation; and function coordination services in this class; services relating to the operation and franchising of cafes and restaurants; providing facilities engaged in providing food and drink for consumption; providing facilities of business meetings; electronic information services relating to all the foregoing; provision of information, including on-line information and websites, in respect of all of the aforesaid services; juice bars and smoothie bars, including self-service juice bars and smoothie bars; services for the provision of food and beverages, including stalls, stores, restaurants, canteens, cafes, marquees, hotels, snack bars, night clubs; bar services and canteen services; wine, spirit and liqueur advisory services in this class; provison of food and drink via a kiosk, or online store, including health food, sandwiches, health foods and health drinks; catering services including but not limited to the provision and service of food and drink, ice cream, gelato, frozen desserts, sorbet, confectionary ices, coffee tea, cocoa, milk-based drinks, fruit based drinks, fruit based ices; preparation, service and sale of take away, take out and carry out foods and beverages; advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforementioned services; arranging of banquets, wedding receptions (venue), wedding receptions (food and drink); wine bar services; wine club services; consultancy services relating to the purchase of wines; operation of restaurant, bar and bistro; banquet and catering services; provision of food and drink ordering services, including such services provided through an online computer network; sale of foods and beverages; the above services including but not limited to specialising in pizza and pasta for consumption on or off the premises