Appraisal and grading of tourist accommodation; provision and rental of temporary accommodation; reservation of hotel accommodation; accommodation booking agency services; accommodation bureaux and booking services; accommodation finding services for tourists and travellers; accommodation letting agency services; accommodation reservation services; accommodation services for tourists and travellers; agency services for the reservation of accommodation; appraisal and grading of accommodation agencies; hotel accommodation, guest accommodation, self- catering accommodation, hostels, campuses, holiday villages, holiday parks and boat accommodation; arrangement of accommodation for holiday makers, tourists and travellers; arranging holiday accommodation, arranging of temporary accommodation; booking agency services for holiday and hotel accommodation; booking of accommodation for travellers; booking of campsite facilities; booking services for accommodation; booking service for rooms; brokerage services relating to accommodation; electronic information services relating to hotels and accommodation; holiday home services; provision of holiday information; provision of hotel information; hotel reservation services; provision of information relating to hotels, guest accommodation, self-catering accommodation, hostels, campuses, holiday villages, holiday parks, boat accommodation, accommodation agencies, bars, restaurants, the availability of accommodation and the booking of accommodation; rating holiday accommodation; reservation of places at holiday resorts; reservation services for guesthouse accommodation, hotel accommodation, hotel rooms, the booking of accommodation and for the provision of hotel accommodation; room booking and reservation services; services for booking accommodation; travel agencies for arranging, reserving and booking accommodation; travel agency services for making hotel reservations; information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the foregoing, including such services provided on line