Animal boarding; provision of food and drink; temporary accommodation; rental of furniture, linens and table settings; accommodation bureau services; accommodation reservations; arranging of temporary accommodation; booking of accommodation for travellers; charitable services, namely providing temporary accommodation; holiday accommodation services; hotels, hostels and boarding houses, holiday and tourist accommodation; nurseries, day-care and elderly care facilities; provision of temporary furnished accommodation; rental of rooms as temporary living accommodations; reservation of temporary accommodation; room booking; appraisal of hotel accommodation; arranging of hotel accommodation; booking of campground accommodation; booking of hotel accommodation; electronic information services relating to hotels; holiday camp services [lodging]; tourist homes; hotel reservations; hotels; motels; resort hotel services; resort lodging services; providing conference rooms; provision of exhibition facilities; hire of interior chairs; hire of interior lighting; hire of interior matting; hire of interior tables; hiring of furniture; hiring of furniture for exhibitions; rental of carpets; rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; rental of furnishings; rental of furniture; rental of domestic lighting apparatus; arranging of banquets; arranging of meals in hotels; banqueting services; bar services; bistro services; brasserie services; cafe services; cafeterias; catering; club services for the provision of food and drink; cocktail lounge services; consulting services in the field of culinary arts; delicatessens [restaurants]; food preparation services; grill restaurants; hospitality services [food and drink]; hotel restaurant services; cocktail lounge services; rental of food service apparatus; rental of food service equipment; restaurant information services; restaurant services; tea rooms.