Tube and pipe bending; tube and pipe forming; metal polishing; metal cutting; metal welding; metal treating; tubular welding; custom manufacture of metal products; compound bending; metal tube custom manufacture; metal section rolling, tube and pipe bending, metal fabrication consultancy services; tubular welding; cutting of metal; extruding of metal alloys; hammering of metal; machining; metal casting, metal coating, metal colouring; working with metals; treatment of metals; surface finishing, surface grinding, surface plating, surface polishing, surface preparation, surface treatment; metal finishing, metal forging, metal hardening, metal machining, metal moulding, metal plating, metal polishing, metal pressing; rolling of metals; processing of metallic materials; custom manufacturing; custom processing; custom fabricating; metal coating, polishing, abrading and cutting services; metal galvanization and chroming services; manufacturing services included in this class; processing services included in this class; roll-forming of metal tubes and other metal articles, including custom roll-forming of such metal tubes and articles; consultancy services relating to the custom manufacture of metal tubes, tubing and other roll-formed articles; mechanical and chemical services for the treatment or transformation of substances; custom fabricating, making or manufacturing of goods or materials (for others); custom manufacture of composite materials; custom manufacture of goods; sheet metal fabrication; metal pressing and polishing; processing of metallic materials; cutting of metal; die-casting of metal; drilling of metals; machining; extruding of metal alloys; welding (custom assembling of materials for others); finishing of goods; metal finishing; surface finishing; treatment of materials; powder coating; metal coating (not painting); metal treating; laser treatment of metals; custom assembling of materials (for others); coating of metals with refractory materials; grinding of metals; metal tempering; melting of metals; steel cutting; hydraulic and mechanical pressing; manual and automated polishing; treatment of metals; working of metals; metal machining; metal coating; metal plating; metal colouring; melting of metals; treatment of surfaces; treatment of surfaces being the application of protective coatings (other than painting); welding services; gluing; laser cutting; powder coating; laser treatment of metal; laser processing services, including laser cutting; turret punching; consulting services in the fields of prototyping and custom manufacturing; tooling and injection moulding services; consultancy, advisory and information services in relation to all the foregoing