Lead working; processing of fuel materials; metal stamping; gas production services; metal treating; electricity generating; stainless steel brushing services; processing of hydrocarbon derivatives; regeneration of water; sandblasting services; heat treatment and coating of steel; flame proofing; processing of plastics; silversmithing; water treatment and purification; generation of electricity from solar energy; treating [forging] of metal; steel cutting; recycling and waste treatment; material treatment information; fuel treatment services; treating [shaping] of metal; water purification; planing of materials; metal tempering; waste water treatment; production of hydroelectric power; pneumatic abrasion of surfaces; filtration services utilising gravel; processing of hydrocarbons; timber felling and processing; woodworking; processing of oil; treatment [washing] of coal; processing of chemicals and petrochemicals; water treating; wastewater treatment services in the field of water pollution control; buildings (fire-proofing to existing -); desalination of water; treatment of waste materials in the field of environmental pollution control; enamelling; oil well treatment; ceramic processing; treatment of hazardous substances; application of wear resistant coatings to engineering components; processing of tree barks; enamelling of metals; air and water conditioning and purification; cutting of metal; petrochemical refining services; shot blasting; stone crushing; soil, waste or water treatment services [environmental remediation services]; drilling of metals; energy production; blast treatment of a surface (services for the -); processing of rubber; ceramic glazing; fireproofing of existing structures; tin plating; treating [enamelling] of metal; heat treatment of metals; filtration services for the petroleum industry; filtration services for the parapetroleum industry; bevelling of glass; waste and/or water treatment services; generation of gas and electricity; abrasion; metalworking; soldering; processing of coal; treating [embossing] of metal; metallurgical processing; provision of information relating to chemical processing; treatment of hazardous liquids; processing of gas and oil; cutting of sheet glass; natural gas liquefaction services.