Generation of electrical and thermal energy and steam from waste, valuable materials and biomass, incineration of waste and valuable materials; recycling of waste and valuable materials; production of energy, in particular with solar energy, hydro-energy, hydrogen, wind energy, water, petroleum, and natural gas; production of solar energy, hydro-energy, hydrogen, and wind energy; remediation of contaminated soils through soil treatment (transformation); generation of electricity from solar energy; generation of electricity from wind energy; generation of electricity from geothermal energy; generation of electricity from hydro-energy; information and advisory services relating to the generation of electricity from wave energy; leasing of energy generating equipment; processing of electronic circuits by energy surface patterning; rental of equipment for the treatment and transformation of materials, for energy production and for custom manufacturing; energy conversion through power-to-X technology, including power-to-ammonia, power-to-chemicals, power-to-fuel, power-to-gas, power-to-heat, power-to-hydrogen, power-to-liquid, power-to-methane, power-to-mobility, power-to-power, and power-to-syngas; conversion of energy through decoupling of power from the electricity sector for use in other sectors; custom production of hydrogen through electrolysis; conversion of hydrogen to methan; conversion of hydrogen and CO2 to methanol; conversion of electrical power to a gas fuel (power to gas); production of hydroelectric power; contracting, namely providing electrical energy under an acceptance agreement with the supplied parties, where the contractor operates its own or third party emission-reducing, decentral installations for energy generation.