Binding of books or documents; Book binding; Covering of books; Engraving; Etching; Glass etching; Framing of pictures; Picture framing; Advisory services relating to dyeing; Carpet dyeing; Cloth dyeing; Dyeing; Dyeing services*; Galvanising; Galvanization; Galvanizing; Gilding; Cloth cutting; Cutting of gemstones; Cutting of metal; Cutting of replacement keys; Fur cutting; Key cutting; Metal cutting; Pattern cutting; Rental of cutting equipment; Steel cutting; Wool cutting; Kiln drying of materials; Knitting machine rental; Laminating; Magnetic encoding services; Magnetization; Making of rubber stamps; Metal stamping; Stamping (pressing); Casting; Die-casting of metals; Metal casting; Colour separation services; Metal colouring (not painting); Surface colouring treatment (other than painting); Anti-mould treatment services; Forming or moulding of plastics; Metal moulding; Mould-inhibiting treatment services; Moulding of concrete; Needlework (custom manufacture); Paper bleaching; Paper finishing; Paper treating; Paper treatment services; Recycling of paper; Treatment of paper; Electronic recording of photographic images; Photographic developing; Photographic duplicating; Photographic enlarging; Photographic etching; Photographic image processing; Photographic processing; Photographic reproduction; Photographic restoration services; Photographic retouching; Rental of photographic processing apparatus; Rental of photographic processing equipment; Reproduction of photographic transparencies; Photogravure; Pneumatic abrasion of surfaces; Coating of tablets, granules and powders; Powder coating; Custom fabricating, making or manufacturing of goods or materials (for others); Cutting of fabrics; Fabric bleaching; Fabric waterproofing; Fabric fireproofing; Fireproofing of fabrics; Permanent-press treatment of fabrics; Pre-shrinking of fabrics; Shrink-proofing of fabric or cloth; Waterproofing of fabrics; Whitening (bleaching) of fabrics; 3D printing services; Collation (binding) of printed material; Custom 3D printing for others; Customised printing of images and text onto a variety of goods; Digital printing; Discharge printing; Enlarging of photographic prints; Lithographic printing; Mounting of prints; Offset printing; Pattern printing; Photo printing; Photographic printing; Print finishing services; Printing; Printing of photographic transparencies; Printing services; Rental of photographic printing apparatus; Rental of printing presses; Reproduction of photographic prints; Silkscreen printing; T-shirt printing; Wool printing; Cinematographic film processing; Dental laboratory services (film processing, and custom manufacturing); Developing of photographic film; Duplication of films; Duplication of photographic film; Photographic film developing; Photographic film development; Photographic film printing; Printing of cinematographic film; Printing of photographic film; Processing of cinematographic films; Processing of photographic film; Reproduction of cinematographic film; Leather staining; Shoe staining; Staining; Stone carving; Application of appliques to textiles; Application of finishes to textiles; Applying finishes to textiles; Moulding of textiles; Pre-shrinking of textiles; Screen printing on textiles and clothing; Surfacing of textiles; Textile cutting; Textile dyeing; Textile finishing; Textile fireproofing; Textile mothproofing; Textile printing; Textile treating; Treatment of textiles; Tinting of building windows; Tinting of car windows; Tinting of glass; Window tinting treatment being surface coating; Transferring (burning) data to recordable discs (CDs, DVDs); Duplication of video cassettes; Duplication of video discs; Duplication of video tapes; Video cassette duplicating; Video tape film processing; Vulcanization (material treatment); Vulcanizing (material treatment); Tapestry-weaving; Weaving; Preservative treatment of wood (other than painting); Pressure-treatment of wood and timber (preservation) (for others); Treatment of wood; Wood carving; Wood preservation; Wood treatment services; Woodworking; Zinc plating; Duplication of audio cassettes; Duplication of audio tapes; Rental of 3D printers