Alteration (clothing); alteration (clothing); alteration of clothing [custom manufacture]; application of appliques to clothing; applying finishes to cloth; applying finishes to clothing; assembling of materials (custom) for others; assembling of materials (custom) for others; assembly of products for others; cloth cutting; cloth dyeing; cloth edging; cloth (edging of); cloth (permanent press treatment of); cloth (pre-shrinking of); clothing alteration; clothing alterations; clothing alterations [custom manufacture]; curtain-making; cutting (cloth); cutting of cloth; cutting of fabric; cutting of textiles; cutting-out of cloth; dyeing; dyeing (cloth); dyeing [of textile or furs]; dyeing of cloth or clothing; dyeing (textile); edging (cloth); edging (cloth); embroidering; embroidery; embroidery [embroidering]; fabric cutting; fur (custom fashioning of); hot-pressing [forming] of clothing; jewelry casting; monogramming of clothes; monogramming of clothing; pre-shrinking of clothing; rental of knitting machines; screen printing; services for the custom manufacturing of curtains; sewing; sewing (custom manufacture); sewing services; shoe making; tailoring; tailoring [custom manufacture]; tailoring or dressmaking; tailoring services; textile and fabric treating; textile cutting; textile dyeing; textile finishing; textile printing; textiles (applying finishes to); weaving; whitening [bleaching] of fabrics; whitening of cloth; whitening of clothing; whitening of fabric; whitening of laundry; whitening of textiles; wig making; wood-carving; woodworking