Tooling components for sheet metal dies, plastic molds and machinery, namely steel bushings, bronze bushings, bronze plated bushings, guide posts, mold pins, wear plates, wear strips, wear ways, gib assemblies, keeper blocks, slide gibs, guide blocks, keeper plates, guide plates, lifter pins, pad retainers, spring cages, spring guards, spring retainers, V-blocks, U-blocks, center keys, L-gibs, pad retainers, spools, stop blocks, kiss blocks, lifter pins; aerial and die mount cams, modular cams, roller cams, bump cams and box cams all for use in sheet metal forming machines; die press accessories, including bosses, dowel pins, set screws, bolts, nuts, washers, clamps, hoist rings, pry bars, punch shanks, roller stock guides, screw keys, and stock punchers for use with industrial presses; urethane strippers and rubber strippers for use with industrial machine presses; gas springs and die springs for use with industrial machine presses; in-die tapping units and taps for use in industrial machine presses; rotary bending systems used in sheet metal dies; hydraulic drill heads, hydraulic drill motors and hydraulic power units, hydraulic/electronic die setters for opening dies; die sets, cut and ground plate, and machined plate for metal stamping; punches and accessories for use with punches, including quills, quill retainers, quill guides, quill buttons, punch retainers, die blanks, and thread form products, including form punches, pierce punches, die buttons and thread form sets comprised of form punches, pierce punches and die buttons, all for use with industrial machine presses