Services in this class relating to management and conservation of lands, waters, natural resources, forests, flora, fauna, and ecological processes; preparing and implementing management plans in the natural environment; development of scientific and information basis for conservation management activities relating to the natural environment, conservation of ecological communities and development of sustainable land and biological use systems; photography, mapping, reprographic services and printing services; research and documentation of the biota, ecological processes and biological resources; research into conservation of threatened species; plant nurseries; establishment, management and harvesting of forest plantations; management and harvesting of native forests; fire control services including prescribed burning of forests, fire fighting and emergency services; research into and combating of disease, weeds and feral animals; tree breeding and plant propagation; management and licensing of commercially valuable wildlife; counteraction of illegal trade in flora and fauna including smuggling, importation of exotic species and picking of wildflowers; developing and managing sharefarming licences; evaluation of mining proposals; rehabilitation of land including river frontage regeneration, revegetation, afforestation and reforestation; advisory and design services in relation to the restoration of heritage buildings and cultural preservation projects; and including providing advice to the public on tree planting on a commercial basis; designing educational information and articles concerning the natural environment
Seals of polytetrafluoroethylene or elastic rubber-like plastics and thermoplastics, including those containing parts of metal or other plastics; shaft sealing rings; seals for shock-absorbers and gas springs; valve spindle seals; seals for hydraulic braking systems; seals for hydraulic and pneumocylinders; sealing rings; isostatic coatings and body shells of polytetrafluoroethylene; sealing plates; sealing frames; articles of elastic rubber-like plastics, particularly, panels, plates and flaps, profiles, disks and plain washers, membranes and diaphragms; sealing material made of highly elastic and thermoplastic plastics, also in combination with metal, namely, lip seals for moving machine parts, pre-finished sealing rings, rotary shaft seals, shock-absorbent and gas spring seals; valve stem seals; hydraulic brake seals; O-ring seals; moulded parts for machine elements made of liquid silicon; plastics in the form of sheets, blocks, spheres, rods and tubes; non-metal seals, namely, shaft seals, hydraulic seals, rod seals, piston seals, wiper seals, buffer seals, wipers and guide rings for sealing oil, grease or air in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders; static and dynamic seals; V-packings as multiple lip (chevron) packing seals designed to seal static reciprocating and centrifugal applications, where the male and female adapters are used to complete a set of vees; non-metal seals, namely, oil seals, fluid seals, insulating seals, reinforced seals, elastomeric seals, seals for pistons and rods, namely, cups, rings, packings and gaskets, all the foregoing for sealing oil, grease or air in hydraulic and pneumatic applications; packing material for forming seals, namely packing material of rubber or plastics for forming seals; sheets of graphite-based material for use as gaskets, seals, packings and heat insulators; glide ring packings, seals, and sealing support rings for sealing oil, grease or air in hydraulic and pneumatic applications; guide rings and bearing rings for protection of cylinder rods and pistons; sound insulating multilayered sheets and formed parts of foam and/or plastics for vehicle cabins, for the building industry and for industrial machines; rail bedding mats for noise dampening and vibration insulation; sound-dampening rail profiles; elastic springs for noise dampening and shock insulation on rolling stock; elastic railway points