Plant based industrial oils, greases and lubricants; lubricants, oils and greases, including but not limited to: additives, non-chemical to motor fuel; castor oil for technical purposes; cutting fluids; diesel oil; dust absorbing compositions; dust binding compositions; dust binding compositions for sweeping; dust laying compositions; dust removing preparations; dust wetting compositions; fuel oil; grease for arms (weapons); grease for belts; grease for boots; grease for leather; grease for shoes; greases; industrial grease; industrial oil; lubricants; lubricating grease; lubricating oil; moistening oil; oil for the preservation of leather; oil for the preservation of masonary; oils for releasing form work (building); preservatives for leather (oils and greases); rape oil for industrial purposes; soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; sunflower oil for industrial purposes; textile oil; grinding fluids; metal working fluids; food grade grease; chainsaw lubricants; compressor fluids; cutting and forming fluids; flange and switch lubricants; forming fluids; gear and transmission fluids; hydraulic fluids; heating oils; plate lubes; metal grinding fluids; rolling fluids; transformer oils; wire rope and chain lubricants; coolants; soy based lubricants; bio-diesel; vanishing oil; palm oil lubricants; corn based lubricants; aluminium cutting and forming fluids; milling fluids; broaching fluids; drilling fluids; tapping fluids; cutting and grinding fluids; brass cutting and grinding fluids; cold-rolled steel cutting and grinding fluids; copper working fluids; galvanized steel working fluids; stainless steel working fluids; conveyor fluids; ferrous and non-ferrous metal forming fluids; general purpose metal forming fluids; fabricating fluids; burnishing fluids; punching fluids; stamping fluids; reaming fluids; turning fluids; sheering fluids; drawing fluids; bending fluids; sawing fluids; maize based lubricants; coconut based lubricants; olive based lubricants; sesame based lubricants; sunflower based lubricants; bio-based colloidal compositions; bio-based surfactant compositions (oils, greases, lubricants); vegetable oil esters; organic lubricants, oils and greases