Non-chemical additives for transmission oils; Gear oils; Lubricants being gear oils; Lubricating oils being hydraulic oils; Automotive engine oils; Automotive final drive oils; Bone oil for industrial purposes; Castor oil for industrial purposes; Chain oil; Colza oil for industrial purposes; Combustion enhancers (oils); Crude oil products derived from the refining of crude; Cutting oils; Demoulding oil; Drilling fluids (oils); Engine oils; Engineering oils; Extra fine oils for motors; Extreme pressure oils; Fine oils for motors; Flux oils; Froth flotation oils; Fuel oil; Gas oil; Heat treatment oils for use in metal working; Heating oils containing additives; Industrial oil; Isolating oils; Lubricants in the nature of oils; Lubricating oil; Lubricating oils for automotive apparatus; Lubricating oils for laser printers; Lubricating oils for petrol engines; Lubricating oils for use as a cutting fluid; Lubricating oils for wheels; Marine oils; Metalworking oils; Mineral oils; Moistening oil; Motor oil; Mould release agents containing oils; Mould release oils; Non-chemical additives for engine oils; Non-chemical additives for gearbox oils; Non-chemical additives for oils; Oil based lubricants; Oils for automobiles; Oils for engines; Oils for surface treatment; Oils for tempering metals; Oils for thermic treatment of metals; Oils for turbines; Oils for turbo units; Oils for use in the textile industry; Oils for use with machine tools; Penetrating oils; Preservatives for metals (oils); Rapeseed oil for industrial purposes; Release agents (oils); Shock absorbing oils; Synthetic compressor oils; Synthetic lubricating oils; Synthetic oils; Technical oils; Textile oil; Vegetable oils for lubricating food processing machines; White oils; Automotive lubricants for car engines; Cable lubricants; Deep drawing lubricants; Duct lubricants; Graphited lubricants; Industrial lubricants; Lubricants; Lubricants containing low friction additives; Lubricants for agricultural implements; Lubricants for industrial apparatus; Lubricants for machines; Lubricants for metal working; Lubricants for metallic surfaces; Lubricants for motor vehicles; Lubricants for use in industrial processes; Lubricants for use in machine cutting; Lubricants for use in the machining of metal; Lubricants for use on conveyors; Lubricants for use on wire ropes; Lubricants having cleaning properties; Metalworking lubricants; Motor vehicle lubricants; Non-chemical additive concentrates for lubricants; Non-chemical additives for lubricants; Synthetic lubricants