Motor oil; Mould release agents containing oils; Mould release oils; Non-chemical additives for cutting oils; Non-chemical additives for engine oils; Non-chemical additives for gearbox oils; Non-chemical additives for oils; Non-chemical additives for transmission oils; Oil based lubricants; Oil for the preservation of leather; Oil for the preservation of masonry; Oil well drilling lubricants; Oil-gas; Oils containing rust preventing additives; Oils containing water dispersant additives; Oils for automobiles; Oils for engines; Oils for paints; Oils for releasing form work (building); Oils for surface treatment; Oils for tempering metals; Oils for the preparation of leather; Oils for the preservation of masonry; Oils for thermic treatment of metals; Oils for turbines; Oils for turbo units; Oils for use in the textile industry; Oils for use with machine tools; Oils in the form of emulsions; Peat fuel oils; Penetrating oils; Preservatives for brickwork (oils); Preservatives for buildings (oils); Preservatives for cement (oils); Preservatives for concrete (oils); Preservatives for leather (oils and greases); Preservatives for metals (oils); Preservatives for rubber (oils); Preservatives for the surfaces of buildings (oils); Preservatives for tiles (oils); Process oil for use in bitumen extenders; Products for protecting concrete (oils); Products for sealing brickwork (oils); Products for sealing concrete (oils); Rape oil for industrial purposes; Rapeseed oil for industrial purposes; Release agents (oils); Releasing agents in the nature of oils; Shock absorbing oils; Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; Sunflower oil for industrial purposes; Synthetic compressor oils; Synthetic lubricating oils; Synthetic oils; Technical oils; Textile oil; Vegetable oils for lubricating food processing machines; Vegetable oils for the non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; White oils