Metalworking lubricants; Automotive lubricating compounds; Friction modifiers being non-chemical additives for lubricants; Graphited lubricants; Lubricants; Lubricants containing low friction additives; Industrial lubricants; Lubricants for industrial apparatus; Lubricants for machines; Lubricants for metal working; Lubricants for motor vehicles; Lubricants for metallic surfaces; Lubricants for surgical apparatus; Lubricants for use in industrial processes; Lubricants for use in machine cutting; Lubricants for use in the machining of metal; Lubricating agents, other than for medical use; Lubricating fluids; Lubricating graphite; Lubricating oils for use as a cutting fluid; Non-chemical additive concentrates for lubricants; Solid lubricants for textiles; Spray-on lubricants; Synthetic lubricating oils; Synthetic lubricants; Non-chemical additives for lubricants; Motor vehicle lubricants; Cable lubricants; Lubricants for cables; Lubricating oil; Lubricants being gear oils; Lubricating oils for automotive apparatus; Lubricating oils for laser printers; Industrial oil; Greases; Greases for industrial purposes; Greases for the lubrication of cables; Greases for the lubrication of exposed gears; Greases for the lubrication of joints; Greases for use with ball-bearings; Greases for weapons; High pressure greases; Industrial grease; Lubricating grease; Non-chemical additives for greases; Automotive engine oils; Automotive lubricants for car engines; Engineering oils; Lubricating oils for petrol engines; Non-chemical additives for engine oils; Engine oils