Methane; naphthalene; toluene; methanol (chemical); phenol for industrial purposes; 2-phenol; creosote for chemical purposes; carbolineum for the protection of plants; unprocessed synthetic resins; synthetic resin plastic (unprocessed); sulphuric acid; nitric acid; carbon black for industrial purposes; activated carbons; nylon 6,6 salt; nitrogenous fertilizer; trioxymethylene; paraformaldehyde; benzene derivatives; methyl benzene, for industrial purposes; methyl benzene; camphor, for industrial purposes; oxacyclopropane; dioxide of hydrogen; protective gas for electric welding; protective gases for welding; silicon; metal earths; hydrochloric acid; phosphates (for fertilisers); quenching fluids; quench compounds for use in casting; welding chemicals; artificial sweeteners (chemical preparations); kaolin; graphite for industrial purposes; sulphur; biochemical catalysts; chemical preparations for scientific purposes (other than for medical or veterinary use); chemical reagents (other than for medical or veterinary purposes); chemical analytical preparations for laboratory use (other than for medical or veterinary purposes); cryogenic preparations; diagnostic preparations (other than for medical or veterinary purposes); reagent paper; test paper, chemical; olivine (chemical preparations); nitrate paper; litmus paper; biological preparations (other than for medical or veterinary purposes); bacteriological preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; cultures of microorganisms other than for medical and veterinary use; fertilizer; liquefied gases (other than for medical use)
Measuring, signalling and checking apparatus; electricity metering apparatus; data collecting, processing and analyzing apparatus; computer hardware and software for use in the field of energy production, distribution, supply and consumption; apparatus for managing energy supplies; devices for switching over energy tariffs; electrical apparatus (other than generators) for use in energy supply; energy control devices; energy regulators; electricity meters; electricity distribution apparatus; electricity transformers; electricity mains apparatus; apparatus and instruments for controlling, regulating and switching electricity; electricity distribution units, boards, boxes and consoles; material for electricity mains (wires, cables); solar panels for electricity generation; electrical equipment for the generation and transmission of electricity; electric collectors, connecting modules for electric controls, electric conection boards, connections for electic lines, electric contacts, eletric converters, electric couplings, vices for measuring electic quantities, digital testers for use in testing electric voltage, electric domestic control apparatus for controlling, electric apparatus for data processing, electric apparatus for storing computer data, electric apparatus incorporating oscillators, electric apparatus incorporating resonators, electric apparatus relating to telecommunications, electric boosters, electric branch boxes, electric breakers (switches), electric bridge rectifiers, electric cables, electric capacitors, electric checking (supervision) apparatus, electric circuit testers, electric communication apparatus, electric contact boards, electric control apparatus, electric controll installations, electric current sensors, electric current control devices, electric current adaptors, electric devices for displaying information, electric discharge apparatus, electric flow meters, electric fuse boxes, trip fuses, electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations, electric mains monitoring devices, electric mains power units, electric mains testers, electric measuring apparatus, electric measuring devices, electric measuring instruments, electric display instruments, electric over voltage protectors, electric power analysers, electric power storage apparatus, electric power supply units, electric regulating apparatus, electric switch boxes, electric terminals, electrical timers, electrical apparatus for the distribution of electric power, installations for the transmission of data via electric supply lines, electric monitoring control apparatus, electric monitoring control installations, electric power controlling apparatus, remote electric control stations