Legal services; scientific and industrial research; programming for data processing purposes; provision of computer programs on data networks, particularly on the internet and the world wide web; technical information concerning the use of computers, computer hardware, software and networks on line via a computer data bank or via computer networks; rental of computer access time; intellectual property licensing; testing of materials; patent exploitation; services of a design draftsman; package designer services; quality control; underwater exploration; testing of raw materials; consultancy concerning environmental protection; computer software design, particularly in the field of computer security; leasing access time to computer databases; network engineer services including computer and network security consulting; scientific and industrial research in the field of network technology; updating of software; carrying out chemical analyses; analyses for oil-pool exploitation; oil prospecting; oil-well testing; carrying out analyses for oil-pool exploitation; oil-field surveys; construction consulting; architects' services; physics research; chemical research; advice in the field of pharmacy; physicist services; computer support services, particularly in the field of technical security; computer data reconstruction; software maintenance; computer systems analyses; research services and development of new products; research in the field of machine construction and engineering; technical surveys; engineering work including engineering consulting, more particularly consultation in the field of technical security; construction drafting; engineering project studies as well as consultation relating thereto; rental of computer software and of data processing apparatus; development of computer software; engineering services