Fluid-engineering, gas-engineering and lubrication-engineering installations and components of all kinds, in this class, in particular for use in the automobile industry, including mobile hydraulics, the semiconductor industry, the food industry, aeronautics, medicine, pharmacy, oil and gas transport technology, environmental engineering, laboratory and testing technology, household and sanitary systems, and in mining and in the field of steelworks, power plants, wind-power installations services, machine tools, transfer presses and plastic injection moulding machines; hydropneumatic storage units being machine parts; piston accumulators, diaphragm accumulators, bellows accumulators, spring accumulators and accumulator installations consisting of such accumulators, including in the field of offshore and deep sea applications; hydraulic, hydropneumatic and reflective sound, vibration and pressure dampers, silencers; shut-off equipment, shut-off apparatus, stop valves, switch-over devices and valves being parts of machines and vehicles, in particular for hydraulic and pneumatic fuels and media, in particular inflow pressure and circulating pressure balances, flow control valves, priority valves, shuttle valves, seat valves and slide valves, throttle valves, diaphragms as parts of hydraulic accumulators, directional control valves, nonreturn valves, pressure valves, pressure control valves and pressure limiting valves, including with indicators and monitors, vent valves; control apparatus being parts of machines and vehicles, in particular for hydraulic and pneumatic installations, in particular transition coils and control blocks, including valve control blocks; dosage machines, lubricating apparatus and equipment, lubricating installations, supply apparatus, in particular distributors, for stationary and mobile applications; mechanically operated clamping apparatus, clamping machines and clamping tools; hand-operated or motor-driven hydraulic pressure and feed pumps, adjustable and non-adjustable; mechanical instruments, devices and equipment parts for manufacturing and engineering; hydraulic drive units for elevator controllers, transport controllers and lift controllers, in particular consisting of a hydraulic pump, a drive motor and a liquid container of metal or plastic; machines for industrial washing and cleaning; cutting tools of all kinds and drives therefor, electric motors; bladder accumulators, resonators to damp out pulsating pressure as parts of hydraulic systems