Firelighters; non- chemical fuel additives; non-chemical additives for fuels, lubricants and greases; non-chemical additives for oils and fuels; non-chemical additives for engine oils; dust controlling compositions; alcohol [fuel]; alcohol (fuel) and mixed fuel containing alcohol; denatured alcohol for fuels; non-slipping preparations for belts; anthracite; wooden sticks for lighting fire; industrial gasoline; petrol for lighters; benzine; biomass fuel; tapers; candles containing insect repellent substances; tallow candles; candles and wicks; christmas lights [candles]; perfumed candles; scented candles for aromatherapy; tea lights; coal; coal dust [fuel]; benzene fuel; xylene fuel; diesel fuel; fuel for engines; carburants; artificial fireplace logs; wooden logs for fireplaces; beeswax; beeswax for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; beeswax for making candles; beeswax for use in the manufacture of ointments; carnauba wax; paraffin wax; sumac wax [sumach wax]; montan wax; belting wax; wax for use in coating food packaging materials; illuminating wax; wax [raw material]; industrial wax; ceresine; kerosene; coke; biodiesel fuels; fuels derived from crude oil; fuels for lighters; fuel for aircraft; fuel for aircraft and ships; fuel for vehicles; lamp fuel; fuel for ships; chafing dish fuel; fuel; fuel with an alcoholic base; hydrocarbon fuels; fuels and illuminants; fuels, including motor fuels and lighting fuels; fuel gas; liquid fuels; mineral fuel; manufactured solid fuels; dust binding compositions for sweeping; petroleum-based dust absorbing compositions; petroleum-based compositions for removing dust; granular absorbent oil-based compositions for absorbing liquids spilled on floors; dust laying and absorbing composition for use on unpaved roads; dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions; electrical energy; tinder; petrol; ethanol [fuel]; petroleum ether; coal gas; gas for lighting; oil-gas; liquefied petroleum gas for household and industrial purposes, and for motor vehicles; liquefied petroleum gas; natural gas; liquefied natural gas; gasoline; diesel oil; producer gas; propane gas; propane gas cylinders for torches; solidified gases [fuel]; gas used as a fuel; petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; graphite as a lubricant; lubricating graphite; lubricating oils and greases; mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes [not for fuel]; industrial grease; lubricating grease; car greases; grease for leather; illuminating grease; grease for footwear; multi-purpose greases; wool grease; lubrication grease for vehicles; arms [weapons] (grease for -); grease for belts; grease for machines; greases for the preservation of leather; lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and pomades; lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; firewood; lignite; ligroin; lighter fluid; lubricants; graphite lubricants; drilling lubricants; industrial lubricants; lubricants for cars; motor vehicle lubricants; lubricants for industrial machines; lubricants for aircraft engines; solid lubricants; universal lubricants; nightlights [candles]; lighting fuel; fuel in the form of briquettes; coal briquettes; charcoal briquettes; wood briquettes; vaporized fuel mixtures; naphtha; mazut; oleine; industrial oils and fats, waxes; oils and fats for industrial use; fuel oil; lubricating oil; leather preserving oil and grease; industrial oil; moistening oil; textile oil; oils for the preservation of leather; oil for the preservation of masonry; oils for paints; oils for releasing form work [building]; light oils; engine oil for cars; fuel oil for lamps containing insect repellent substances; cutting fluids; coal naphtha; coal tar oil; rape oil for industrial purposes; sunflower oil for industrial purposes; bone oil for industrial purposes; fish oil, not edible; castor oil [not edible]; linseed oil for use as a lubricant; castor oil for industrial purposes; soya bean oil used in the manufacture of paints and other coatings; cutting oil for industrial metal working; industrial oil for batteries; lubricating oil for motor vehicle engines; mineral oil for use in the manufacture of skin care preparations and cosmetics; mineral oil for use in the manufacture of metal cutting fluids; mineral oil for use in the manufacture of paint; multi-purpose penetrating oil; lamp oil; vegetable oil used in the manufacture of paints or soaps; mould release oils; motor oil; heavy oils; solidified oils (hydrogenated oils for industrial use); ozocerite [ozokerite]; paraffin; pellets being fuels; pellets of compressed fiber manufactured from a plant crop to be used as fuel; wood heating pellets [fuel]; petroleum; petroleum crude; petroleum, raw or refined; soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; dust removing preparations; wax for skis; tallow; mineral solvents used as accelerants; methylated spirit; stearine; wicks for candles; lamp wicks; wicks for kerosene lamps; paper spills for lighting; peat [fuel]; wood spills for lighting; wood chips for smoking and flavoring foods; wood chips for smoking and grilling; wood chips for use as fuel.