Barbecue briquettes; Beeswax; Beeswax for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; Biocombustibles; Biofuel; Biogas; Briquettes; Candles; Candles for use in the decoration of cakes; Biodiesel fuel; Biomass fuels; Ceresine; Chain grease; Coal; Dust suppressants; Electricity (energy); Fragranced candles; Fuel; Gas (fuel); Greases; Cable lubricants; Casting oils; Castor oil for industrial purposes; Chain oil; Duct lubricants; Gas oil; Kerosene; Lamp oils; Lanolin; Lubricants; Nightlights (candles); Oil based lubricants; Oil for the preservation of leather; Oil for the preservation of masonry; Oil well drilling lubricants; Oil-gas; Oils containing rust preventing additives; Oils containing water dispersant additives; Oils for automobiles; Oils for engines; Oils for lighting; Oils for paints; Oils for surface treatment; Oils for tempering metals; Oils for the preservation of leather; Oils for the preservation of masonry; Oils for thermic treatment of metals; Oils for turbines; Oils for turbo units; Oils for use with machine tools; Oils in the form of emulsions; Penetrants; Paraffin; Perfumed candles; Petrol; Petroleum; Petroleum by-products; Oils for the preparation of leather; Oils for releasing form work (building); Rape oil for industrial purposes; Rapeseed oil for industrial purposes; Release agents (oils); Scented candles; Smokeless fuels; Solid fuels; Soy candles; Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; Oils for use in the textile industry; Spray-on lubricants; Stearine; Sunflower oil for industrial purposes; Tallow; Tapers; Technical oils; Textile oil; Tinder; Carnauba wax; Lamp wicks; Paraffin wax; Prepared wax for skis; Skateboard wax; Ski wax; Surfboard wax; Vegetable charcoals; Vegetable oils for lubricating food processing machines; Vegetable oils for the non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; Wax (raw material); Wax for lighting; Wax for skis; Wax for use in manufacture; Wax lights; White oils; Wicks; Wicks for candles; Wool grease; Natural gas