Alcohol (fuel); Automobile fuels; Biodiesel fuel; Biomass fuels; Butane gas for use as a fuel; Charcoal (fuel); Charcoal based products for use as a fuel; Coal based fuels; Coal dust (fuel); Combustible fuels; Diesel fuel; Emulsions of oil for use as a fuel; Ethanol (fuel); Fossil fuels; Fuel; Fuel for lighting purposes; Fuel for motor vehicles; Fuel for use in barbecues; Fuel gas; Fuel mixtures; Fuel oil; Fuel products of pressed wood chips; Fuel with an alcohol base; Fuels; Fuels derived from crude oil; Fuels derived from oil; Fuels for heating purposes; Fuels for lighters; Fuels with an alcoholic base; Gas (fuel); Gas fuels; Gaseous fuels; Gases for use as fuel; Lighting fuel; Liquid fuels; Methanol (fuel); Mineral fuel; Peat fuel oils; Propane for use as fuel; Smokeless fuels; Solid fuels; Synthetic gas (fuel); Synthetic linear alcohols (fuel); Vaporised fuel mixtures; Vaporized fuel mixtures; Xylene fuel; Automotive engine oils; Biocombustibles; Biofuel; Biogas; Butane for lighting; Coal; Coal briquettes; Coal naphtha; Coal tar oil; Combustible gases; Combustible materials; Combustible oil; Combustible products; Diesel oil; Electrical energy; Electricity (energy); Engine oils; Gas for lighting; Gas mixtures; Gas oil; Gases for flame heating; Gases for use as illuminants; Gases for use in cooking; Gases for use in heating; Gases for use in lighting; Gasoline; High-octane petrol; Landfill gas; Liquefied gas; Liquefied natural gas; Liquefied petroleum; Liquid gas; Liquid petroleum gas; Mineral coal; Natural gas; Non-chemical additives for petroleum products; Oil-gas; Oils for engines; Oils for lighting; Petrol; Petrol additives (non-chemical); Petroleum; Petroleum (raw or refined); Petroleum by-products; Petroleum coke; Petroleum ether; Petroleum gas; Petroleum products derived from crude oil; Producer gas; Propane for heating; Propane for lighting; Propane gas