transportation logistics; freight warehousing; warehousing of freight; consultancy services relating to warehousing; warehousing services; freight transportation services; transport consultancy services; logistics services (transport, packaging, and storage of goods); warehousing; consultancy services relating to transportation; cargo transportation; transportation of freight; computerised distribution planning relating to transportation; rail freight distribution services; freight services; air freight transportation; transportation of cargo; transport brokerage; transport of freight; cargo forwarding services; cargo agency services; airline transportation services; transport advisory services; storage consultancy services; sea freight forwarding services; cargo delivery services; freighting; computerised distribution advisory services relating to transport; freight brokerage (forwarding (am.)); freight shipping; handling of baggage; freight (shipping of goods); land freight services; transportation of baggage; import and export cargo handling services; customs bonded warehousing; advisory services relating to road transportation; information services relating to the transportation; food transportation services; road freight services; maritime towing services; advisory services relating to transportation; vehicle towing; towing of vehicles; vehicle breakdown assistance (towing); salvage of motor vehicles; vehicle hire; transport of motor vehicles; motor vehicle transport services; transportation of vehicles; armoured vehicle transport; armoured car transport; hire of transport vehicles; vehicle transport services
Transport and storage services including air, road, rail and sea transport, overnight express transport services on an intra and inter-state basis, urgent and same day local courier services, taxi truck services on an ad hoc, permanent and fleet management basis and international courier services; packaging of goods, frozen transport and storage, storing, erection and dismantling of equipment, barricades, stands and signage; vehicle rental, container packing and unpacking, and ancillary storage services; freight forwarding services; warehousing services including bonded warehousing services and warehousing rental; transportation, distribution, delivery and storage of cash, goods, parcels and machines; logistics services, namely management, consultancy and information services concerning the transportation, distribution, delivery and storage of cash, goods, parcels and machines; wharf related transport and storage services including wharf cartage; security services including security and transport of cash, valuables and bullion; armoured car services; money moving services; taxi truck services refrigerated transport and refrigerated storage; automatic teller machines servicing, namely advisory and information services concerning automatic teller machines including the supply and collection of cash to and from automatic teller machines and supplying and replenishing stationery for use in automatic teller machines; delivery and collection of cash and records to and from customer's premises and on-site security storage of cash
Transporting brokerage, transport, making reservations and bookings for transportation, freight brokerage, guarded transport of valuables, freight forwarding services, freighting, delivery of goods, unloading cargo, transport and storage of waste, removal services, transporting furniture, transport of travellers, ambulance transport, packaging of goods, ship brokerage, marine transport, barge transport, ferry-boat transport, boat transport, pleasure boat transport, river transport, shipping, lighterage, hauling, boat storage, boat rental, towing, underwater salvage, marine salvage, refloating on ships, salvage of ships, piloting, ice-breaking, railway transport, car transport, armored-car transport, bus transport, tram transport, taxi transport, street car transport, vehicle towing, air transport, carting, cart rental, vehicle rental, truck rental, car rental, coach rental, rental of vehicle roof racks, drivers' services, motor vehicle parking services, car parking, parking place rental, storage, warehousing, storage of goods, storage information, rental of warehouses, storage vessels rental, frozen-food locker rental, storage of trash, rental of diving suits, rental of diving bells, water distribution, water supplying, electricity distribution, operating canal locks, delivery services for information and goods, parcel delivery, delivery of newspapers, message delivery, sightseeing, travel reservation, tourist offices, booking of seats (travel), escorting of travellers, arranging of tours, transport by pipeline
travel agency services for booking travel; travel reservation; travel agency services for arranging travel; travel tours and cruises; itinerary travel advice services; arranging of travel; travel arrangement; tourist agency services (travel); travel consultancy; tourist travel reservation services; booking of tickets for travel; arranging of travel visas; arranging of transportation for travel tours; holiday travel reservation services; booking of seats for travel; issuing of tickets for travel; provision of travel information; advisory services relating to travel; information services relating to travel; agency services for arranging travel; booking agency services relating to travel; travel reservation services for airline frequent flyer programmes; reservation services for booking seats (travel); seat reservation services for travel; services for the booking of travel; medical tourism services being the arranging of transportation, travel reservations and travel bookings in order to obtain health care; agents for arranging travel; booking agency services for travel; reservation of seats for travel; travel advisory services; travel courier services; organisation of travel; arrangement of travel; computerised reservation services for travel; travel ticket reservation services; reservation services for travel; provision of tourist travel information; air travel services; travel information services; ticket booking services for travel; consultancy for travel; travel guide services