Supply chain, logistics, and reverse logistics (handling, storage and transportation) services; supply chain, logistics, and reverse logistics services, namely, pick-up, storage, transportation, delivery and computerised tracking of goods; warehousing services; warehousing services including storage, distribution, pick-up, packing, returns processing and labelling of goods; rental of warehouses; transport reservation and arrangement; transport and arranging transport for goods by road, rail, ship, air; charter and rental of transportation and storage containers; brokerage services relating to distribution of goods including ship brokerage, freight brokerage, transport brokerage; storage of goods in containers; distribution and delivery of goods; storage services for freight; tracking services for vehicles; transportation network management services; tracking physical documents, packages and freight; computerised tracking and tracing of packages in transit; tracking physical documents, packages and freight over computer networks, Intranets and Internets; monitoring and tracking of package shipments; providing electronic tracking of freight information to others; tracking, locating and monitoring of vehicles, maritime vessels and aircraft services; arranging for pickup, delivery, storage and transportation of documents, packages, freight and parcels via ground and air carriers; tracking and tracing of goods and physical documents; cargo delivery services; provision of arrangement of storage space and facilities; security storage services; import and export cargo handling services; customer services, namely, providing customer advice and support in relation to the pick-up, storage, transportation, delivery and computerised tracking of goods; physical handling of goods during the processing of orders for logistics services; information, advisory and consultancy services for all of the aforesaid services
Supply chain logistics and reverse logistics services consisting of the storage, transportation and delivery of goods for others by air, rail, ship or truck; logistics services consisting of the transportation, packaging, and storage of goods; transport and storage of trash; transport and packaging of goods; providing information relating to traffic and traffic congestion; storage of goods; goods warehousing; frozen-food warehousing; rental of warehouses; packing, crating and warehousing services; packaging and storage of goods; storage of oil; hazardous materials warehousing; depot services for the storage of vehicles; rental of wheelchairs; provision of tourist travel information; arranging and booking of travel; booking of seats for travel; arranging of travel booking as a tourist office; travel guide services; physical storage of electronically-stored data; packaging of goods; rental of diving bells and diving suits; energy supplying. Delivery of goods; transport of goods; courier transport services; same day delivery services; postal, freight and courier services; delivery of goods ordered by on-line networks and the Internet; food delivery; processed food delivery; parcel delivery; transport; providing transportation information; refrigerated transportation of food; logistics services consisting of the storage, transport and delivery of goods; technical advice relating to transportation logistics; consultancy services relating to transportation logistics; transportation logistics; transportation logistics information via computer communication networks; inbound and reverse logistics of others; car rental; arranging of quick services being express delivery of goods; express delivery of goods; arranging of chauffeur services; leasing of rental car; air transport and storage of goods; transportation and storage services relating to storage logistics, distribution logistics and returns logistics; consultancy relating to transportation and storage services provided via telephone call centers and hotlines; .