Planning and consultancy in the field of transport logistics; transport services of rescue posts; transport in connection to rescue and salvaging operations; ambulance transport of persons and animals; transport of persons and animals, including transport of sick people and patients; transport services in connection to the evacuation of persons and animals in case of danger or accidents; life saving services in connection with ship wrecks (salvage); towing, including crane and vehicle transport; rental of replacement cars; rental of vehicles and equipment for the transport of persons and animals; transport in connection to first-aid; alarm emergency transport, including alarm intervention services and alarm transport in connection with theft, burglary, fire, smoke, gas and chemical leakage, assault and safety (transport); guarded transport services, including for the secure transport of offenders; guarded transport of mentally ill persons, asylum seekers and immigrants; guarded transport of valuables, cash, banknotes, coins, foreign currencies, checks, securities and documents, credit cards, phone cards and computer data on media and official documents, including passports and driving licenses; consultancy concerning transport of valuables; storage of cash, securities, documents and valuables for others; rental of vehicles; rental of security vehicles and equipment for the transport of valuables; transport for bringing, collection, distribution and delivery of cash; rescue services (transport), also of persons, by using high lift platforms or fire fighting ladders; information and consultancy services in relation to the aforesaid services