Physical storage of data or documents; Advisory services relating to road transportation; Advisory services relating to the transport industry; Advisory services relating to transport; Advisory services relating to transportation; Agency services for arranging the transportation of goods; Agency services for arranging the transportation of persons; Agency services for arranging transportation; Agency services for arranging transportation for tours; Air cargo transport; Air freight transportation; Air passenger transport services; Air transport; Air transport of goods; Air transport of passengers; Air transportation services; Airline transport; Airline transportation services; Ambulance transport; Animal transport services; Armored-car transport; Armoured car transport; Armoured vehicle transport; Armoured-car transport; Arrangement for the transportation of goods; Arrangement of passenger transport; Arrangement of taxi transport; Arrangement of transportation; Arrangement of transportation for sightseeing tours; Arranging of passenger transportation services for others via an online application; Arranging of transportation; Arranging of transportation for travel tours; Barge transport; Boat transport; Boat transportation services; Booking and reservation services for transportation for travel tours; Bus transport; Cable car transport; Car transport; Cargo transportation; Charitable services, namely providing transportation; Chartering of transport; Clearance (removal and transportation) of waste; Coach transport services; Collection (transport) of waste and trash; Collection of recyclable goods (transport); Computerised distribution advisory services relating to transport; Computerised distribution planning relating to transportation; Computerised transport information services; Conducting of sightseeing tours (transport services); Consultancy services relating to transportation; Container transport services; Customs clearance services being transportation logistics services; Disposal (transport) of waste; Distribution (transport) of goods; Distribution of goods (transportation); Dumping (transportation) of waste; Estimation of transportation of goods; Ferry transport services; Ferry-boat transport; Food transportation services; Freight transport services by rail; Freight transportation services; Furniture transportation; Guarded transport; Guarded transport of goods being transport security services; Guarded transport of passengers; Guarded transport of valuables being transport security services; Guarded transport of valuables; Guarded transport of passengers being transport security services; Guarded transportation; Handling (transport) of rubbish; Hire of rail transport; Handling (transport) of waste products; Hire of road transport; Information services relating to methods of transport; Industrial removal services (transportation); Information services relating to the transportation; Information services relating to transport timetables; Information services relating to transportation; Livestock transport services; Locating and tracking of people and cargo for transportation purposes; Logistics services (transport, packaging, and storage of goods); Marine transport; Medical tourism services being the arranging of transportation, travel reservations and travel bookings in order to obtain health care; Minibus transport services; Mobility as a Service (MaaS) (transport); Motor car transport services; Motor vehicle transport services; Omnibus transport services; Operating of tours (transport services); Organisation of transportation for sightseeing tours; Organisation of transportation for tours; Organising the transportation of people; Packaging articles for transportation; Packing of articles for transportation; Packing of goods for transportation; Passenger transport; Passenger transportation services; Pleasure boat transport; Preparation of reports relating to transportation; Prison escort services (transport of prisoners); Providing information, including online, about transport,; Providing transportation information; Provision of information in relation to transport; Provision of information relating to road transport; Provision of information relating to the transport of freight; Provision of information relating to the transportation of goods; Provision of information relating to transport; Provision of information relating to the transportation of passengers; Provision of sightseeing tours (transport); Provision of transport information via an online calculator; Provision of transportation for tours; Railway passenger transport; Railway transport; Refrigerated transport of cold goods; Refrigerated transport of frozen goods; Rail transport services; Rental of horses for transportation purposes; Rescue (transport) services; Rescue operations (transport); Rescue (transport) of persons; Reservation services for the transportation of goods; Reservation services for transportation; River transport; Road rescue (transport) services; Road transport services; Security storage services (transport); Services for arranging transportation for tours; Sea transport services; Services for chartering railway transport; Services for the arranging of transportation; Services for transporting legal documents; Sewage transportation; Ship transport services; Shipping port services (berthing, mooring, cargo and container handling, storage and transportation); Storage and transport of waste and trash; Storage of goods for transportation; Streetcar transport; Taxi transport; Test driving of cars (transport); Tour operating (transport); Tour operator services (transport); Tram transport; Tour transport reservation services; Transport; Transport advisory services; Transport and storage of trash; Transport and storage of waste; Transport as a Service (TaaS) (transport); Transport brokerage; Transport by air; Transport by land; Transport by pipeline; Transport by road; Transport by rail; Transport by sea; Transport by ship; Transport by water; Transport consultancy services; Transport information services; Transport of cargo; Transport of freight; Transport of freight by rail; Transport of furniture; Transport of goods; Transport of money; Transport of motor vehicles; Transport of passengers; Transport of persons; Transport of travellers; Transport of valuables; Transport reservation; Transport reservation services for tours; Transport reservation services for travel tours; Transport services; Transport services for sightseeing tours; Transportation by air; Transportation by ambulance; Transportation by bus; Transportation by courier; Transportation by land; Transportation by rail; Transportation by road; Transportation by sea; Transportation logistics; Transportation of animals; Transportation of baggage; Transportation of cargo; Transportation of containers; Transportation of food; Transportation of goods; Transportation of freight; Transportation of oil by pipeline; Transportation of parcels; Transportation of passengers; Transportation of patients; Transportation of people; Transportation of valuables; Transportation of vehicles; Transportation of waste; Transportation services provided in relation to a frequent flyer scheme; Transportation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; Transporter-bridge services; Transporting furniture; Travel tour transportation reservation services; Vehicle transport services; Waste removal (transport); Waste transport; Water transport services