Packaging services, transportation services and delivery of all above mentioned goods including additives chemical to gasoline, petrol, chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, manures, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations, chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs, tanning substances, adhesives used in industry, antifreeze, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, gasoline antifreeze, bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use, cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations, soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions, dentifrice, hair shampoo, body shampoo, hair and body shampoo, hair conditioner, anti-perspirant spray, roll-on body deodorant, depilatory spray, depilatory cream, shaving gel, dishwashing liquids, fabric softener for laundry use, hair spray, wind screen cleaning liquids, anti-fog glass cleaners, deodorant spray, polishing preparation for dashboard, deodorant for the armpit, glass cleaners, engine cleaner agent, dashboard cleaning fluids, body spray, depilatory spray, hair softener spray, industrial oils and greases, lubricants, dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions, fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants, candles and wicks for lighting, motor (engine) oil, lubricating oil, lubricating grease, non-chemical additive for motor oil, gear oil, non-chemical additive for gasoline for engine, pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, sanitary preparations for medical purposes, dietetic substances adapted for medical use, food for babies, plasters, materials for dressings, material for stopping teeth, dental wax, disinfectants, preparations for destroying vermin, fungicides, herbicides, fresheners not for personal use, herbal air fresheners, air fresheners
Passenger transportation services; goods transportation services; transportation information services; travel and travel agency services; delivery of goods by mail; travel arrangement services; storage of goods; airport and aerodrome services; travel arrangement services; packaging and storage of goods; services provided in operating an airline terminal, including services connected with processing passengers through an airline terminal and processing passengers' luggage and porterage; provision of reservation, information and check in services for airlines and of tourism and sightseeing information; arranging provision of local transport for passengers; arranging and providing hangar storage facilities for aircraft; air traffic control services, including control of flight paths for arriving and departing aircraft and design of departure and approach procedures; provision and rental of warehouse storage space and storage of freight; ground support freight handling services provided at airports; airport baggage handling; airport rescue services; provision of airport information services relating to aviation; consultancy and information services in relation to any or all of the aforementioned services; storage, transportation, collection and delivery of petroleum, gas, metals, coal and of chemical products by land and by sea; transportation of oil, gas and chemicals by pipeline; rental, filling and re-filling of containers for liquefied petroleum gas; rental, garaging and parking of vehicles; chartering of ships; freight brokerage; fuel filling of ships, hovercraft, aircraft and of land vehicles; sea, land and air transportation of persons, animals and materials; logistic services; storage and preservation of materials within this class; supply, storage, distribution and delivery of petroleum and chemical products for industrial, scientific and agricultural purposes, for automotive vehicles and for domestic and industrial heating systems; travel and tourists agencies; transport, storage and parking, operation and hiring of automotive land vehicles and air and marine craft; airport check-in services; ground support freight handling services provided at airports; aircraft handling services; rental of aircraft; aircraft charter brokerage; aircraft chartering; aircraft fuelling services; aircraft parking; aircraft runway services; aircraft trucking; ground traffic control services for aircraft; inspection of aircraft; management of aircraft operations; management of airfield operations
Passenger transport services, Motor Vehicle Transport Services and/or charter transport services by Omnibus, Bus, Coach, Car, Mini Bus, Limousine, Motorcycle, Four Wheel Drive Vehicle; Information regarding transportation services and bookings for transportation services provided online via a website and accessed via a computer and/or a mobile phone; Agency services for arranging tours; Arrangement of sightseeing tours; Arranging of sightseeing tours; Arranging of travel tours; Bicycle tours; Booking agency services for sightseeing tours; Conducting of sightseeing tours; Conducting sightseeing tours; Hot air ballooning services being sightseeing tours; Operating of tours; Organisation of sightseeing tours; Organisation of tours; Organising tours; Personal tour guide services; Provision of sightseeing tours (transport); Provision of sightseeing tours via hot air balloon; Provision of tours; Reservation services for tours; Services for the arranging of tours; Tour operating; Tour operator services; Tour organising; Tour reservation services; Travel tours and cruises: Advisory services relating to travel; Agency services for arranging travel; Agents for arranging travel; Air travel services; Arrangement of travel; Arranging of travel; Arranging of travel tours; Arranging of travel visas; Booking agency services for travel; Booking agency services relating to travel; Booking of seats for travel; Booking of tickets for travel; Computerised reservation services for travel; Consultancy for travel; Holiday travel reservation services; Information services relating to travel; Issuing of tickets for travel; Itinerary travel advice services; Organisation of travel; Provision of information relating to travel; Provision of tourist travel information; Provision of travel information; Provision of travel services from customer loyalty and frequent buyer schemes; Provision of travel services from frequent flyer schemes; Reservation of seats for travel; Reservation services for booking seats (travel); Reservation services for travel; Seat reservation services for travel; Services for the arranging of travel; Services for the booking of travel; Ticket booking services for travel; Tourist agency services (travel); Tourist travel reservation services; Travel advisory services; Travel agency services for arranging travel; Travel agency services for booking travel; Travel arrangement; Travel booking and reservation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; Travel booking and reservation services provided in relation to a frequent flyer scheme; Travel brokerage; Travel consultancy; Travel courier services; Travel guide services; Travel information services; Travel reservation; Travel reservation services for airline frequent flyer programmes; Travel ticket reservation services; Travel tours and cruises
Packaging services; packaging and storage of goods; logistics services (transport, packaging, and storage of goods); packaging of goods, products, food, foodstuffs, agricultural, and horticultural products; packing of articles for transportation; unloading and repackaging services; transport, storage and delivery of goods being food, including, but not limited to, meat, seafood, meat products and seafood products; storage; storage for foodstuffs, perishables, and non-perishable goods; storage of agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture foodstuffs and goods; provision of warehouse, refrigerated, and frozen storage facilities; storage of fluids, gas, and liquids; storage of live animals, live seafood, live plants, and livestock; rental of transport vehicles and storage containers; brokerage services relating to storage; pre-transit storage of cargo and freight; provision of ship-borne storage services; transport and transport services; transportation of goods by road, rail, air, marine container, ship, ferry, barge or boat; transportation of cargo, industrial apparatus, containers, freight, live animals, plants, horticultural products, livestock, foodstuffs, and food products; transport of cold goods in refrigerated and/or frozen conditions; ship chartering, loading services, and brokerage; brokerage services relating to transport; arranging the transportation, storage and delivery of goods; refrigerated transport of cold or frozen goods; shipping of goods namely foodstuffs, animal foodstuffs, agricultural products, horticultural products, gases, liquids, fats, oils, fuels and chemical; refrigerated shipping of goods; security storage services (transport); travel arrangement; providing information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforesaid services; provision of all the aforesaid services including by electronic means, online, via a website, the Internet or other computer networks, by wireless technology, accessible by mobile phone and other Internet-enabled devices, and/or via a global computer network
Packaging and storage of goods; delivery of food and drink prepared for consumption; delivery of food by restaurants; food delivery and storage services; road delivery of parcels including food and drink; frozen food storage services including frozen-food locker rental; packaging of food; pizza delivery; storage of frozen food in warehouses; pick-up, delivery and storage of packages and goods including food; providing information regarding delivery services and bookings for delivery services via a website; document delivery; food delivery; parcel delivery; delivery of goods, namely the delivery of food and drink, including wine to club members on a periodic basis; providing postal delivery services for packages, parcels, documents, letters and food; message delivery; express delivery of goods by vehicles; pick up, delivery and storage of personal property; providing information concerning collection and delivery of assets in transit; delivery services; temporary storage of deliveries; providing information and tracking information to third parties regarding pickup and delivery status via Internet access and telephone; providing tracking and tracing of packages and documents; providing information, advice and consultancy in relation to the aforesaid services; provision of all the aforesaid services including by electronic means, on-line, via a website, the Internet or other computer networks, by wireless technology, accessible by mobile phone and other Internet-enabled devices, and/or via a global computer network; none of the aforesaid being rental transport services; none of the aforesaid being water transport services
Packaging services of Kephir [milk beverage], Kumys [milk beverage], yoghurt, margarine, butter, chocolate nut butter, coca butter, coconut butter, peanut butter, butter cream, cheese, coconut fat, ryazhenka [fermented baked milk], rennet, whey, whipped cream, yogurt, rennet, flavored milk, milk, predominating, milk products, milk ferments for culinary purposes, soya milk [milk substitute], coffee milk powder, cacao milk powder, tofu, condensed milk, cream [dairy products], kimchi [fermented vegetable dish] (samanoo), curd, milk beverage, vegetable musses, vegetable yogurt, fruit yogurt, fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats, milk powder, chocolate cream, malt milk, binding agents for ice cream [edible ices], binding agents for ice cream/binding agents for edible ices, ice cream, powders for ice cream/powder for edible ices, edible ices, cream of tartar for culinary purposes, ice cream cakes, cake frosting [icing], ice cream desserts, ice cream bar [confectionery], ice cream mixes, fruit ice creams, coated ice cream (cocoa), coated ice cream (almond), coated ice cream (fruit), coated ice cream (raisins), frozen confectionery, aperitifs (non-alcoholic), preparations for making beverages, milk of almonds [beverage], non-alcoholic beverages, preparations for making mineral water, fruit juices/fruit juice (non-alcoholic), pastilles for effervescing beverages, peanut milk [non-alcoholic beverage], isotonic beverage, fruit beverages/ fruit juices, syrups and other preparations for making beverages, ginger beer/ginger ale (non-alcoholic), unfermented grape juice, powders for the preparation of soft drinks, powders for effervescing beverages, essences for making beverages, sherbets [beverages]/ sorbets [beverages], seltzer water, fruit nectars, non-alcoholic, mineral water [beverages]