Operating of tours; Organisation of tours; Organisation of travel; Organisation, operation, provision and conduct of excursions, sightseeing tours, tours and travel; Organising tours being bicycle tours; Arranging and booking of tours, transportation and travel, and excursions for tourists; Arranging, organising and conducting excursions, expeditions, tours, trips, holidays, sightseeing tours and bicycle tours; Providing transport for excursions, guided tours, sightseeing tours, bicycle tours being tours by bus, bicycle, car or train; Arranging, organising and conducting cycling tours and hiking tours; Accompanying of travellers; Travel reservation services; Travel reservation; Services for the arranging and booking of travel; Consultancy services relating to tourism, travel and transportation; Information services (including online, interactive, digital and data casting information services) in relation to transport, travel and tourism; provision of tourist travel information; Tourist agency services (travel); Tourist guide services; Provision of information relating to road and travel conditions, and road traffic conditions; Provision of tourist and travel information; Provision of information relating to travel and tourism; Itinerary travel advice services; Travel arrangement; Agency services for arranging travel and tourism; Advisory services relating to travel and tourism; Travel agency services for arranging and booking travel; Consultancy for travel; Computerised reservation services for travel; transportation, distribution and delivery services for food and beverages