Issuing of tickets for travel; Itinerary travel advice services; Organisation of travel; Providing driving directions for travel purposes; Provision of travel services from customer loyalty and frequent buyer schemes; Tourist agency services (travel); Advisory services relating to travel; Travel advisory services; Agency services for arranging travel; Travel agency services for arranging travel; Agents for arranging travel; Arrangement of travel; Arranging of travel; Arranging of travel visas; Services for the arranging of travel; Travel arrangement; Booking agency services for travel; Booking agency services relating to travel; Booking of seats for travel; Booking of tickets for travel; Services for the booking of travel; Ticket booking services for travel; Consultancy for travel; Travel consultancy; Travel guide services; Provision of information relating to travel; Provision of tourist travel information; Information services relating to travel; Travel information services; Provision of travel information; Holiday travel reservation services; Reservation of seats for travel; Computerised reservation services for travel; Reservation services for travel; Tourist travel reservation services; Travel booking and reservation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; Travel reservation; Travel ticket reservation services; Arranging self-guided bicycle tours; Arranging of cruises; Travel cruises; Organisation of transportation for tours; Provision of travel information relating to tourism; Provision of transportation for tours; Transport reservation services for tours; Booking and reservation services for transportation for travel tours; Arranging of sightseeing tours (not guided); Booking agency services for self-guided sightseeing tours; Conducting of sightseeing tours (transport services); Organisation of transportation for sightseeing tours; Provision of sightseeing tours (transport); Sightseeing (tourism); Operating of tours (transport services); Tour operating (transport); Tour operator services (transport); Advisory services relating to transport; Agency services for arranging transportation for tours; Agency services for arranging transportation; Arranging of transportation for travel tours; Arrangement of transportation for sightseeing tours; Agency services for arranging the transportation of persons; Arrangement of transportation; Consultancy services relating to transportation; Provision of information in relation to transport