Global transportation of freight for others by all available means; transporting construction materials; providing information relating to traffic and traffic congestion; international ocean freight shipping services; transportation by inland water; frozen-food warehousing; frozen-food locker rental; refrigerator rental; refrigerated transport of frozen goods; refrigerated warehousing; storage of farm products; transporting farm products; monorail transport; transportation logistics; storage consultancy; storage of bonded goods; storage of goods; logistics services consisting of the storage, transportation and delivery of goods; goods warehousing; ship chartering; marine towing; salvage of ships; storage of liquefied natural gas on ships; transportation of freight containers by ship; vessel transport; rental of vessels; rental of loading-unloading machines and apparatus; container leasing for the shipping industry; storage of marine products; underwater salvage; storage of baggage; porterage; providing information relating to tariffs, timetables and methods of transport; transport; transport reservation; transportation information; transport brokerage; transportation of crude oil; pleasure boat transport; transportation of oil; storage of oil; advisory services relating to the tracking of goods in transit [transport information]; arranging for the transportation of goods and passengers by land and sea; physical storage of electronically stored information and data; marina services; warehouse storage; warehousing; rental of warehouses; transportation of natural gas; storage of stock farm products; tracking of freight vehicles by computer [transport information]; truck and trailer rental; stevedoring; river transport; salvaging; marine transport; ice-breaking for the shipping industry; storage, transport, pick-up, and packing of freight; loading, packing, storage, transportation and unloading of cargo; loading, packing, storage, transport and unloading of freight; freight forwarding agency services; rental of storage containers; cargo ship transport; freight train transport; freight warehousing.