Furniture removals; Overseas removal services; Packing of goods; Advisory services relating to the distribution of goods; Advisory services relating to the handling of goods; Bonded warehousing; Cargo agency services; Cargo container rental services; Cargo delivery services; Carting; Carting of goods; Carting services; Collection of goods; Commercial furniture removals; Commercial removal services; Consignment services (delivery); Consultancy services relating to warehousing; Customs bonded warehousing; Delivery of goods by air; Filling of containers; Cargo forwarding services; Forwarding of goods; Collection of freight; Filling of vehicles with freight; Filling of vessels with freight; Household removal services; Import and export cargo handling services; Information services relating to the movement of cargo; Land freight services; Cargo loading services; Loading of air freight; Loading of cargo; Loading of freight; Loading of goods; Information services relating to the location of goods; Location and tracking of goods by computer; Collection of packages; Consultation services relating to the packaging of goods; Advisory services relating to the packing of goods; Packing; Packing of freight; Delivery of goods by rail; Removal of domestic furniture; Removal of commercial furniture; Removal of household goods; Removal of commercial goods; Removal of domestic goods; Removal of office equipment; Removal of personal effects; Rental of containers; Rental of crates; Rental of trolleys; Delivery by road; Delivery of goods by road; Road delivery of parcels; Road distribution of goods; Road freight services; Road haulage services; Transfer of goods by road; Delivery of goods by sea; Sea freight services; Agency services for arranging travel; Freight (shipping of goods); Freight shipping; Advisory services relating to the storage of goods; Arrangement for the storage of goods; Bonded storage; Consultancy services relating to storage; Container storage; Storage of goods in containers; Information services relating to storage; Preparation of reports relating to the storage of goods; Providing information relating to storage services; Rental of storage containers; Rental of portable storage containers; Rental of storage crates; Rental of storage facilities; Rental of storage space; Storage services for freight; Storage services for goods; Arrangement of the storage of goods; Depot services for the storage of vehicles; Hire of warehouse storage space; Rental of storage cartons; Rental of storage units; Storage; Storage consultancy services; Storage of cargo; Storage of freight; Storage of furniture; Storage of goods; Storage of goods in warehouses; Storage of goods prior to delivery; Storage of packages; Warehouse storage services; Vehicle storage; Packing of goods for transportation; Advisory services relating to the transport industry; Arrangement for the transportation of goods; Air cargo transport; Consultancy services relating to transportation; Air freight transportation; Industrial removal services (transportation); Information services relating to methods of transport; Customs clearance services being transportation logistics services; Transportation logistics; Packaging articles for transportation; Packing of articles for transportation; Preparation of reports relating to transportation; Providing transportation information; Providing information, including online, about transport,; Provision of information in relation to transport; Freight transport services by rail; Hire of rail transport; Rail transport services; Transport by rail; Transport of freight by rail; Transportation by rail; Advisory services relating to road transportation; Transport by road; Transportation by road; Sea transport services; Transport by sea; Transportation by sea; Agency services for arranging transportation; Agency services for arranging transportation for tours; Agency services for arranging the transportation of goods; Agency services for arranging the transportation of persons; Services for the arranging of transportation; Reservation services for transportation; Reservation services for the transportation of goods; Shipping port services (berthing, mooring, cargo and container handling, storage and transportation); Logistics services (transport, packaging, and storage of goods); Security storage services (transport); Advisory services relating to transport; Advisory services relating to transportation; Air transport; Air transport of goods; Air transportation services; Airline transportation services; Arrangement of transportation; Cargo transportation; Container transport services; Distribution (transport) of goods; Distribution of goods (transportation); Estimation of transportation of goods; Freight transportation services; Furniture transportation; Motor car transport services; Motor vehicle transport services; Provision of information relating to road transport; Provision of information relating to the transport of freight; Provision of information relating to the transportation of goods; Provision of information relating to transport; Road transport services; Storage of goods for transportation; Transport; Transport advisory services; Transport as a Service (TaaS) (transport); Transport by land; Transport by ship; Transport consultancy services; Transport information services; Transport of cargo; Transport of freight; Transport of furniture; Transport of goods; Transportation by land; Transportation of cargo; Transportation of containers; Transportation of freight; Transportation of goods; Transporting furniture; Cargo unloading services; Unloading cargo; Unloading of goods; Wrapping and packaging services; Wrapping of goods