Customs bonded warehousing; air freight transportation; collection of freight; filling of vehicles with freight; filling of vessels with freight; freight (shipping of goods); freight brokerage; freight brokerage (forwarding (Am.)); freight forwarding; freight services; freight shipping; freight transportation services; freight warehousing; freighting; ground support freight handling services provided at airports; land freight services; loading of air freight; loading of freight; marine freighting; packing of freight; provision of information relating to the transport of freight; rail freight distribution services; rail freight services; road freight services; sea freight forwarding services; sea freight services; services for freight-forwarding; storage of freight; storage services for freight; transport of freight; transportation of freight; warehousing of freight; import and export cargo handling services; import and export cargo handling services; air cargo transport; cargo agency services; cargo container rental services; cargo delivery services; cargo forwarding services; cargo handling; cargo loading services; cargo transportation; cargo unloading services; delivery of cargo; import and export cargo handling services; information services relating to the movement of cargo; loading of cargo; passenger cargo services; rental of cargo containers; salvage of ships cargo; shipping port services (berthing, mooring, cargo and container handling, storage and transportation); storage of cargo; transport of cargo; transportation of cargo; unloading cargo; logistics services (transport, packaging, and storage of goods)
Customs bonded warehousing; Freight forwarding; Sea freight forwarding services; Services for freight-forwarding; Bonded warehousing; Consultancy services relating to warehousing; Freight warehousing; Warehousing; Warehousing of freight; Warehousing of goods; Warehousing services; Advisory services relating to road transportation; Advisory services relating to transport; Advisory services relating to transportation; Agency services for arranging the transportation of goods; Agency services for arranging transportation; Air cargo transport; Air freight transportation; Air transport of goods; Air transportation services; Airline transportation services; Arrangement of transportation; Arranging of transportation; Boat transport; Boat transportation services; Car transport; Cargo transportation; Computerised transport information services; Consultancy services relating to transportation; Container transport services; Distribution (transport) of goods; Distribution of goods (transportation); Estimation of transportation of goods; Ferry transport services; Ferry-boat transport; Food transportation services; Freight transportation services; Hire of rail transport; Hire of road transport; Hire of transport vehicles; Information services relating to methods of transport; Information services relating to the transportation; Information services relating to transport timetables; Information services relating to transportation; Inspection of goods for transportation; Logistics services (transport, packaging, and storage of goods); Marine transport; Motor vehicle transport services; Packaging articles for transportation; Packing of articles for transportation; Packing of goods for transportation; Preparation of reports relating to transportation; Providing information, including online, about transport,; Provision of information in relation to transport; Provision of information relating to road transport; Provision of information relating to the transport of freight; Provision of information relating to the transportation of goods; Provision of information relating to transport; Rail transport services; Railway transport; Refrigerated transport of cold goods; Refrigerated transport of frozen goods; River transport; Road transport services; Sea transport services; Services for the arranging of transportation; Ship transport services; Shipping port services (berthing, mooring, cargo and container handling, storage and transportation); Storage of goods for transportation; Transport advisory services; Transport brokerage; Transport by air; Transport by land; Transport by rail; Transport by road; Transport by sea; Transport by ship; Transport by water; Transport consultancy services; Transport information services; Transport of cargo; Transport of freight; Transport of goods; Transport of valuables; Transport reservation; Transport services; Transportation by air; Transportation by bus; Transportation by courier; Transportation by land; Transportation by rail; Transportation by road; Transportation by sea; Transportation information; Transportation logistics; Transportation of cargo; Transportation of containers; Transportation of freight; Transportation of goods; Transportation of parcels