Cruise ship services including the arrangement and conduct of cruises, escorting and transport of travellers and arrangement of tours; ship piloting services; travel services, travel arrangements; boat rental, storage and transport; arranging of cruises; boat transport; booking of seats for travel; bus transport; car transport; carting; delivery of goods; escorting of travellers; ferry boat transport; marine transport; passenger transport; pleasure boat transport; transport and travel reservation; river transport; sightseeing; tourist offices for the provision of tourist travel information, tourist guide services, tourist travel reservation services; transport including transport brokerage, transport reservation, travel reservation; transportation and travel services; travel agency services for arranging travel; transportation of passengers by ship, airplane, railroad, and land vehicles; services involved in the organisation, arrangement and conducting of cruises, including escorting and transport of passengers, arrangement and conducting tours; ship chartering and rental services, consultancy and information services in relation to travel, holidays and transportation; provision of tourist travel information; provision of information relating to travel; information services relating to travel; provision of guided tours, hikes and walks; conducting sightseeing tours; personal tour guide services; organising of tours, fishing excursions and sightseeing excursions; tourist guide services; travel guide services; personal tour guide services; provision or arrangement of transportation services by land, sea or air