Satellite communications, telecommunications; telecommunication of business information by satellite; transmission of industrial, commercial, advertising, educational and leisure information and programmes; direct television broadcasts, electronic mail services, transmission of messages by direct link to one or more satellites; television programme broadcasting, televised broadcasts, information on telecommunications, cable television, facsimile and telegram transmission, computer-assisted message and image transmission, computer-assisted transmission and distribution of data, sounds and images, particularly regarding meetings conducted by telephone, audioconferences, videoconferences; phone conferencing, rental of transmission apparatus, information agencies (news), communications via fibre optic networks, communications via computer terminals, including internet, extranet and intranet networks, radio communications, telephone communications, radio broadcasts, sending of telegrams, transmission of telegrams, rental of telecommunications apparatus, rental of message sending apparatus, with the exception of computers, rental of modems, rental of facsimile apparatus, rental of telephones, transmission of messages, radio programme broadcasting, radio broadcasting, satellite transmission, telegraph services, telephone services, telex services; information transmission via computer; telecommunication, radiocommunication and mobile radiotelephony services, including call transfer, call forwarding, telephone directory and voice messaging services; remote data communications, mobile data communications; communications via computer terminals, access services to computer or data communication databases and central services; service of electronic mail and dissemination of information by electronic means, in particular for global communication networks similar to the internet; rental of apparatus for transmission of data, sounds and images, rental of telephone and radiotelephone apparatus and sets, rental of telephone and radiotelephone receivers and transmitters; news and information agency; global telecommunication networks; information services concerning telecommunications; remote meter reading of used telecommunication charge units; services relating to automatic remote loading of voice and data systems of telecommunications installations; remote loading services for software updates intended for telecommunications networks; services relating to telecommunication apparatus, device and installation exchange; rental services for emergency telecommunications apparatus, devices and installations; hotline services intended for users of telecommunications apparatus, devices and installations
Satellite communications services; satellite transmission of television programming and television programming segments for broadcasters; satellite transmission of televised special events coverage for broadcasters; satellite transmission of direct-to-home television channels for direct-to-home television service providers; transmission of television programming segments in the fields of news, sports and international events coverage for broadcasters via dedicated telecommunications links; providing multiple-channel-per-carrier transmission services enabling a customer to maximize its satellite capacity by transmitting video content over compressed digital channels on a shared transponder; telecommunications and data services, namely, providing of international satellite transmission capacity for telecommunications carriers and private network services through private satellite communications links for business, government and educational networks within the US and around the world, including point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks, through the use of very small aperture terminal antennas; Internet communication services, namely, providing Internet backbone satellite services for Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and corporations, including the provision of direct links between multi-point-of-presence and the Internet backbone network; satellite transmission of audio and video content for broadcast via the Internet; transmission of video content, data and Internet communications via fiber optic lines
Satellite communications services; electronic mail services; telecommunications services; voice and data transmission services; telex and facsimile services; leasing of communications apparatus; preparation of reports, and advisory services relating to the foregoing; radio satellite ship to shore telecommunication services; transmission of information for tracking and locating objects and equipment by means of satellite technology for third parties; providing access to information in electronic form, and telecommunication of information, to third parties to allow tracking and location of third party assets, cargos and personnel; telecommunication of computer programs; providing user access to the internet and other online systems; communication and broadcasting services relating to the internet; communication services to enable online, real-time engagement between internet users and content providers; broadcasting of data, visual images, sound, graphics and other information; computer aided transmission of messages and images; electronic mail services; digital and satellite transmission services; provision of satellite systems for tracking and positioning services; return path management for the provision of internet applications and broadcasts; leasing and sub-leasing bandwidth and uplink services; managing communication networks for others; satellite transfer orbit services; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to the aforesaid; all the aforesaid services for use in satellite communications and satellite communication systems