Organisation and distribution of television broadcasts/programmes via wireless and cable networks; transmitting of film, television, television screen based information broadcasting and retrieval service and videotext programmes or broadcasts; arranging and granting access to users for various communications networks, including for interactive applications, in particular for data distribution; gathering, delivering and transmitting messages, press reports and market research data (including using electronic means and/or by computer); transmission of sound and images by satellite; broadcasting processed and unprocessed data by satellite; loading and updating operating software by cable or satellite; broadcasting pay-TV, including video-on-demand and pay-per-view, also for others as a digital platform; telecommunication services; providing of information to others, broadcasting information via wireless or guided networks; on-line services and transmissions, namely transfer of information and messages including e-mail; operating a teleshopping channel (terms considered too vague by the International Bureau - rule 13.2.b) of the Common Regulations); operating communications networks with the aid of digital multimedia technology, in particular for Internet access, teleshopping and telebanking, including for use with television screens; operation of networks for the transfer of messages, images, text, speech and data; transmission of information, including sound, image and data; transmission of fee data